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31 Aug 2009

GlenDronach 1972 (cask #719)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in GlenDronach

Together with the GlenDronach 1971 cask #483, this GlenDronach 1972 is the king (queen?) of the current single cask releases.


GlenDronach single cask 1972 719 GlenDronach 37yo 1972 (54,8%, OB 2009, oloroso cask #719, 474 btl.)

Nose: the aroma is “darker” than the 1971, with more toasted notes. It has a more nutty aroma with more wood influence as well. There are even some farmy / wild mushrooms notes in the background (nothing dirty though). On the whole this 1972 is a bit closer to old bourbon than the 1971, with hints of worn leather and resin. Huge hints of oak polish. Punchy fruit as well, but I would say blueberries and blackberry jam rather than red fruits. Some liquorice. Terrific complexity. Mouth: a lot of dried fruits (figs, apricots), strawberry jam and sultanas. Milk chocolate. Even a faint waxiness. Getting drier, much spicier and slightly tannic towards the finish, but the wood influence is still within the limits for me. Long finish, round and slightly tannic again. Chocolate and berries.

In my opinion, this GlenDronach 1972 is a lot bolder and more expressive than the 1971, and it really explodes when warmed up to body temperature. A very big and self-confident malt. Cheaper than the 1971 (wait, make that “less expensive”) around € 300.

Score: 94/100


Are the 1971 and 1972 worth the extra money over the 199x bottlings? For me, the 1971 isn’t. The 1972 sure can’t beat the others in an absolute price vs. quality comparison, but it does have a truly sublime profile that you can only experience at certain ages… I would choose the 1972 over the 1971 any time, even with the extra wood. If you want bang for your buck, I would suggest the 1992.

GlenDronach 1972 (cask #719) 5 Ruben Luyten 2009-08-31
  • Luc Timmermans

    I totally agree. The 1972 was in my opinion also much much better then the 1971.

  • paul arnold

    I have a bottle of Glendronach single cask(721) 1972 48% bottled in 1999.
    It is labelled ‘Incorparation of Maltmen bottle 115 of 456.
    I no longer drink alcohol and wondered how I best sell this if it is of value?

  • mars

    I agree with your description. The complexity is incredible but if you add water it’s less complex I found (but more easy drinkable and more fruity).
    The alcool is present but within the limit.

    Everything seems to be within the limits with this one.

    Very happy to have one bottle.


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  • Jochem Hiddink

    @paul arnold,

    if you haven’t sold the whisky, i’m thinking of buying the whisky.

    you can contact me

  • paul arnold

    I have only just picked your message up so e mail me with what you think the bottle is valued at.

  • jochem hiddink

    hello paul what is your e-mail adress.

    grtz from the netherlands

  • paul arnold

    sorry didnt know you could not see the address it is

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  • Paul Arnold105

    I have bottle 115 of 456 cask 721 1972 glendronach which I intend to sell at a sensible price. Offers please to
    I live in Herefordshire



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