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13 Nov 2009

Whiskey & Philosophy (book)

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Whiskey and Philosophy (book) In a series Philosophy for Everyone, there is now a book called Whiskey and Philosophy: A small batch of spirited ideas by Fritz Allhoff and Marcus P. Adams.

It’s interesting to look at whiskey from a philosophical side of view. Why is it such a passion for many of us? What does Hegel’s concept of the “ideal” mean in terms of whiskey? How can we compare tasting notes across different people (think Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle)? Does drinking whiskey make people immoral? I’m sure this is the first book that has been written from this perspective.

The book contains essays by philosophers, academics and whisky writers such as Ian Buxton and Charles MacLean. It is published by Wiley and costs around € 18 (check your local bookstore or Amazon).

I’m currently reading it and I’ll post a review in a couple of weeks.

Whiskey & Philosophy (book) Ruben Luyten 2009-11-13



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