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19 Jul 2010

Ardbeg Lord Robertson (cask #1217)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Ardbeg

Ardbeg Lord Robertson Lord Robertson is a former Nato Secretary General born on Islay. Ten years ago, when he visited the distillery, a cask of Ardbeg was laid down for his charity project Erskine. About two weeks ago it was bottled and made available in the online shop.

It’s a fairly standard 10 years old Ardbeg, but as usual Ardbeg could charge £ 220 and still sell out in five hours, simply because it’s a single cask. At least this time the earnings are donated to charity.


Ardbeg 2000 Robertson #1217 Ardbeg 10 yo 2000 “Lord Robertson” (53%, OB 2010, Committee release, cask #1217, 202 btl.)

Nose: the sweetness of white chocolate, vanilla and marzipan is very nice. It shows sweet peat, but it’s not very smoky. Some apples and cloves. Faint hints of antiseptics and wet wool. Toffee. Water brings out freshly laid tarmac and burnt tyres with a citrus overtone. Mouth: a nice pepper / peat / lime combo. Dark soot and tar but at the same time that sweet barley coating again. Chocolate and sugared almonds. I’m missing a bit of complexity in the middle: there’s black soot and white chocolate but not much in between, if you know what I mean. Finish: long and smoky with a hint of cocoa.

An interesting young Ardbeg with a fairly sweet profile. Nice enough as long as you don’t take into account the price.

Score: 86/100

Ardbeg Lord Robertson (cask #1217) 3.5 Ruben Luyten 2010-07-19
  • gal

    nice profile…
    too rich for our blood. 220 GBP for a tenner…

  • Stuart

    What a shame it is that Glenmorangie feel justified in charging such prices for just about anything limmited from this great distillery. What a shame, perhaps more pertinently that people feel inclined to pay those prices.

  • Michael

    Collectors Item = Extremely high priced
    As long as people are prepared to buy ten year old whisky at 220 £ or more – LVMH will continue to push these bottles on the market – and who can blame them?
    I like Ardbeg, but there is so much good whisky around which doesnt make it too hard to stay away from these hyped whiskies.
    My whisky is meant to be drunk – not to be put on a shelf forever – thats the difference….

  • Ruben

    If my Springbank 21 or Karuizawa 1967 would be worthless in 10 years, I’d be happy to enjoy it without thinking of the high price paid. I fear this is not the case for recent Ardbeg single casks.

  • Stuart

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Tim F

    I have a bottle each of the two Feis Ile 2009 Ardbeg 1998s – at the time I couldn’t believe I was paying £125 for a 10yo, but now they look like a bargain! And they are great whiskies from re-charred barrels. I’ll be happy to drink them, but I won’t be looking at their auction value before I crack the seal :)

  • Ruben

    Those two certainly had a unique taste, I’d love to have one, but that’s not true for all of the single casks. Where does it stop when they have almost doubled the price in just one year?

  • Tim F

    Ruben, it doesn’t stop. See Macallan’s Fine & Rare range for details :)



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