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15 Sep 2010

GlenDronach 1991 (cask #3182)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in GlenDronach

While last year they only released oloroso casks, the 2010 GlenDronach single casks also include two Pedro Ximenez puncheons (a cask size of at least 320 liters, bigger than hogsheads and smaller than butts).

I’ve tasted both head to head. Here are my impressions for the youngest cask, an 18 year old distilled in 1991.

GlenDronach 1991 PX cask 3182 GlenDronach 18 yo 1991 (51,7%,
OB 2010, Pedro Ximenez sherry puncheon #3182, 633 btl.)

Nose: gentle, clean sherry with juicy cooked fruits rather than the usual dried fruits. Pears and plums. Lots of orange peel. Barley sugars and cinnamon. Hints of dusty oak as well, rather unexpected considering its age. When compared to the 1989 PX cask, this one is nice and fruity but relatively shy. Mouth: goes on with stewed fruits but more classic sherry is taking over soon. Milk chocolate, dates and figs. Balanced oak influence. A nice wave of spices and nuts in the end (almonds, hazelnuts). Finish: medium length, slightly drier. Big hints of chocolate with a minty edge.

A clean sherried GlenDronach with nice fruity notes and chocolate. Balanced and quite flawless but not the most intense cask of the series. Around € 95.

Score: 86/100

GlenDronach 1991 (cask #3182) 3.5 Ruben Luyten 2010-09-15
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  • MARS

    The puncheon in question here can’t contain 320 liters. It must be much biger(about the size of a butt)as 633 bottlesX0,7 liter make 443,1 liters!

  • Ruben

    Cask sizes tend to vary significantly, so yes, this one was obviously larger than a standard puncheon.

  • bakerman


    I once read the “whisky” puncheon is ~550l. This way the calculation works out :)


  • MARS

    I am tasting this one right now and I agree completely with your notes. I will see how it evolve with time.

  • Ruben

    Thanks Mars. Which cask would you recommend so far?

  • MARS

    I didn’t try all the glendronach release yet(sadly).

    The 1972 is the best of course, but only if money is not a problem(and under 300€).
    Maybe it’s a much better idea to buy the 1972 from last year(batch one). Still available(at more than 300€, I scare)

    The 1989 is the most interesting I think as we don’t see often release from pedro ximenez cask. And it’s available under 100€!

    The best quality price, still, is the single cask only available at the distillery :
    1996/2010 14 years 59,7° cask n° 197
    Less than 60€!!!!
    Not as good as the versailles(the best glendronach single cask under 20 years that I have drink so far)but much cheaper also! (and the versailles is not available anymore)

  • MARS

    2 months later, the evolution is incredible. Really good integration of the alcool. More dryed fruits and some red fruits. A nice taste of “creme brulée”in the finish ‘who is much more powerfull than before).
    The other aromas remains.
    It’s now better than the 1989!



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