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10 Oct 2010

500 posts… almost

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in * News

We’re a few entries short of 500 on this website (in less than two years), so I was thinking to have something special for that occasion. Here are a few extraordinary drams that are waiting in my sample stock. Which one should I try? Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestion.

500 posts… almost Ruben Luyten 2010-10-10
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  • MARS

    The laphroaig is really good. Probably the best in this list.

  • gal

    I was going to say Laph 64 but Mars already voted for it.

    Glenfarclas 64 is also very intresting.

    wow, 500. ruben, this is a great work in progress.

  • Bpoujol

    Glenfarclas 64 is wonderful !

  • _MosStef_

    Congrats on the 500, Ruben. Making us choose is just mean… Any of the above would do to mark 500. I would choose the BBR Laphroaig. Or the Dalmore or the Bunna or the Glenfarclas. Or maybe the Macallan. Whatever you do, don’t forget to post notes!

  • Michael

    Absolutely outstanding work Ruben. Thank you.
    I vote for Laphroaig as well. My second choice is Macallan (very curious how you would like older Macallan).

  • pompix

    All ! :o)

  • bellisan

    I agrea whit pompix . lets go creasy an tast dam all

  • Stuart

    Congrats on this landmark for the site Ruben, and also for your conistantly excellent notes. As has been said above, all of these bottlings would make a fitting choice but if pushed I would perhaps choose the Macallan as it would be interesting to hear your thoughts, or perhaps the Bunna…a classic.

  • Geert

    You need some more Ardbeg;-) Ruben!!

    Congratulations with the 500 th tastingnote,I would go for the Laphroaig or the Macallan,they will not let you down


  • Mark Dermul

    500 already, great stuff! I’d vote for the Macallan and the Dalmore. Keep up the great work.

  • Roel

    Congratulations Ruben, you have been a proven asset to the whisky tasting world.

    Grant yourself the Bunna, I would say…, so you are inspired for the next 500 drams …

  • Filip

    i vote for the Laphroaig :)

    and as Geert says: more Ardbeg would be cool :)

  • Tim F

    Go for the Bunna, Ruben – it’s unbelievable.

    Congratulations on the 500 – you’re doing brilliant work, keep it up.



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