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23 Mar 2010

Daily Dram

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in * News

Daily Dram There are five new Daily Dram releases (now called The Nectar of the Daily Drams):

Later today, I should be able to taste them and post my first findings. Which one should I open first…?

Update: The Port Ellen review has been published. On the nose, the Glenburgie seems to be slightly disappointing, but the Glen Elgin is very interesting. The Clynelish shows a lot of violet candy and the Longmorn is a bit bubblegummy. But these are just quick impressions, an in-depth review will follow!

Daily Dram Ruben Luyten 2010-03-23
  • Jorgen

    I think it will be the Port 😉

  • aw


  • Ruben

    That’s the obvious choice of course, but I’m very interested in the Glen Elgin and Glenburgie as well.

  • Toon

    Then you should open the clynelish first! 😉

  • Roel

    You should open the Glen Elgin first:

    Lowest ABV and Speyside

  • Ruben

    Well, I wasn’t planning to try all of them today, so the ABV should not be an issue.

  • Barman’s Choice

    Have you get the Glen Elgin 1975(Berry Bros) still?I gladly to read a tasting notes with similar the Daily Dram release.

  • Ruben

    Yes I have a bottle of the Glen Elgin by Berry Bros. I’ll compare them side-by-side.

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  • David

    Hello Ruben,

    I will be to Bruxelles during 2 days.
    Do you know where i can find IB bottlings from Belgium, Germany or Nederlands (as Daily Dram, Whisky fair…) ?
    And, if you know some good adresses to eat and drink good wines, you will be very kind to tell me !!

    Thank you so much,

    Best whishes for the new year !!

    nb: i enjoy your blog !

  • Ruben

    Thanks David.
    I’m afraid I don’t know any decent whisky shops in Brussels. The closest is in Kampenhout, about 30 min. from Brussels by car. They’re part of the Daily Dram / The Nectar group so they have most bottlings in stock. They also have Whisky Agency / Whisky Fair bottlings and other interesting things.

    To eat / drink in Brussels: try Belga Queen, La Quincaillerie, Brasserie La Paix, Tasso, Wood, Rouge Tomate, La Manufacture…
    Best wishes and enjoy your stay!

  • David

    Merci beaucoup !!!!

  • David

    Hi Ruben !

    First, i whish you and all your visitors a really great new year !

    I want to thank you so much for the adresses in Brussels.
    We taste La Manufacture & La Quincaillerie, really good food and wines (a Chili wine at La Manufacture, very clean, organic…). And we enjoy Brussels, even if the city seems to be as a desert after 22h00 !
    I bought 4 bottles Daily dram to Tasttoe :
    – Glentaucher & Lochside (29yo).
    – Tamnavullin 1966 & Longmorn 35yo (Nectar), i really don’t know anything about these 2 last…surprise ! But the colour of the Tamnavullin is very impresive !!

    Happy new year and long life for your blog !!

    Slainte math

  • Ruben

    Hi David, you’re welcome. In fact I was at La Manufacture last Thursday myself.
    The Longmorn 35yo 1975 is excellent. I tried it the other day with a friend and we immediately went out to buy 3 bottles.



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