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13 May 2010

Laphroaig Double cask 20 years

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Laphroaig Double cask 20yo About two weeks ago, an interesting new Laphroaig was announced. I haven’t seen this news on any of the major whisky websites, so I’m happy to pass it on.

Laphroaig 20 years old ‘Double Cask’ is a limited edition that will only be sold by the French Duty Free retailer Aelia. Essentially it is the recent bourbon matured Laphroaig 18 years with an extra maturation in small quarter casks and bottled at 46,6%. We can expect it to be slightly sweeter and probably a bit richer than the original.

750 individually numbered bottles will be made available at € 225 later this month. Something to look out for if you’re passing through Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

Laphroaig Double cask 20 years Ruben Luyten 2010-05-13
  • Gal


    i am dying to taste this…
    where can i get a sample?

  • aw

    I tried the 18 yo at the distillery itself last October, and although great, I preferred the Quarter Cask.

    Thank goodness for top expressions that are inexpensive and widely available!

  • Ruben

    Gal, I think you’ll need to travel to France to try this. I’ll let you know if I can find a sample somewhere.

  • Jason JY

    Well, at least I know I’m not one of the “major whisky websites”! ;) This is what I get for burying the lede:

    I like the QC but I’m not partial to older Laphroaigs. I’m not too sad to be missing out on this one.


  • Ruben

    Well, I googled it before I wrote that, and none of the whisky websites came up (in your case probably because the age or the name are not mentioned). If it’s not in Google, it doesn’t exist.
    Sorry :-) I have a sample waiting of a 21yo indie Laphroaig which smells terrific – older Laphroaig can be really great.

  • kallaskander

    Hi there,

    the announcement was circled in travel retail news sources as here.

    “Laphroaig Double Cask 20yo will be available exclusively through the French travel retailer in a partnership with Beam’s European travel retail distributor, Maxxium Travel Retail.

    Launching in May, 750 bottles will be distributed at Aelia’s Buy Paris Duty Free shop in Paris, retailing at €225.”

    That means you have to fly to get one I guess. :o




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