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25 Feb 2011

anCnoc 1996

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in AnCnoc

A couple of weeks ago, anCnoc launched a new website, which I personally think is ahead of its time compared to other distillery websites. The styling follows the clean and attractive packaging. Congratulations guys.

Apart from the 12yo and anCnoc 16yo, there’s always a vintage in the core range (around 14 years old). Tonight the new anCnoc 1996 vintage was presented in a Twitter tasting by Gordon Bruce, Knockdhu distillery manager.


anCnoc 1996anCnoc 1996 (46%, OB 2011)

Nose: clean but definitely more sherried than the 12yo or 16yo – especially more nutty notes (hints of peanut butter). There’s a dry and slightly musty (sulphury?) side to it, but there’s still honey and garden fruits from the bourbon casks (nice red apples, peaches). Vanilla. Pollen. Over time it shows a little mocha and toffee. Quite assertive as well. Mouth: sweet to start, then developing a unique fruitiness (pears, a little raspberry). Creamy mouthfeel. Slightly candied (lokum). Demarara sugar. Again a few nutty hints. Some fruit tea and soft spices. Finish: quite long, drier with a spicy kick and citrus notes.

This is simply a well-made malt although the 12yo is slightly better and better value for money as well. Probably around € 45 (not yet available). They may not cause a lot of fuss, but anCnoc makes high-quality no-nonsense whisky.

Score: 82/100

anCnoc 1996 3 Ruben Luyten 2011-02-25
  • Bpoujol

    Thank you Ruben for this review.
    Just a little point, i visit the new ancnoc website, its very beautiful, good photos, good design but navigation system is catastrophic !

  • Ruben

    You mean the continuous scrolling? Yes, I’ve heard a lot of comments on that, but I personally don’t find it catastrophic. Anyway the site is not very large so there’s less need for a classic navigation I think.

  • Jochem

    Nice to see Ruben that you appreciate the design effort that anCnoc put into the packaging, as do I. It is not the #1 reason to buy, but at least for me anCnoc does manage to distinguish itself from a variety of other whiskies in the same price range.

    On a side note, the Daily Dram packaging, e.g. the 1976 Tomatin, has the opposite effect on me.


    Visit the distillery – it may be a wee distillery but the people behind it are great

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