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27 Oct 2011

BenRiach 1977 (cask #9119 for Asta Morris)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in BenRiach

BenRiach logoAsta Morris has quickly gained a reputation for excellent BenRiach releases. Bert Bruyneel is trying to bottle at least one benchmark BenRiach for every vintage (check the BenRiach 1975 cask #7227 and BenRiach 1978 cask #7037 released previously).

I had an early look at this brand-new 1977 bottling as Bert asked me to write tasting notes for the tube and bottle. Here’s a more elaborate version of these notes.


BenRiach 1977 #9119 Asta MorrisBenRiach 33 yo 1977 (45,7%, OB for Asta Morris Belgium 2011, refill bourbon cask #9119, 175 btl.)

Nose: fresh spring fruits (tangerine, pear, nectarine) sprinkled with lime and orange juice. A crisp and ‘indigenous’ fruitiness rather than the warm, exotic, marmalade-type fruitiness we’ve come to expect from 1975-1976 BenRiach. This one is more subtle, more interwoven with oak. There’s also a layer of spearmint / eucalyptus notes which adds to the fresh appeal, as well as some flowery notes (orange blossom, honeysuckle) and hints of pollen. Soft ginger and vanilla notes. A true gentleman – a little reticent at first but complex and very refined. Mouth: fresh with big fruity notes (yellow plum, kumquat, pink grapefruit, peach), again slightly “green” and definitely not cloying. There’s a fine exotic fruitiness (banana, passion fruits) but it’s in the background. Almond notes. Then the spices from the oak kick in (ginger, mint). Develops on fruit tea and heather honey. Citrus zest. Very smooth. Finish: long and clean, balancing between fresh fruits and soft oak.

Not just a benchmark for the 1977 vintage, but an exquisite BenRiach in general. Interesting how its profile is yet again different from both the 1975 and 1978. Arriving in stores any day now. Around € 230.

Score: 92/100

BenRiach 1977 (cask #9119 for Asta Morris) 4.5 Ruben Luyten 2011-10-27
  • Ruben

    By the way, I’m seeing quite a lot of different specifications for this BenRiach in online shops, but the label says 175 bottles and 45.7%.

  • Jeroen

    Strange, my bottles say 45,7% :-)

  • Ruben

    Now I made the same mistake myself. Thanks 😉

  • Whiskyhuis

    My bottles also says 45,7% , but on the communication before there were different strenght (first it would be 46,9%, then it was 48,1% and the label says 45,7%) and there are 175 bottles instead of 173 .

  • Bert

    All BenRiachs I know are very quiet , never heard one talk.

  • Bert


  • Marc Castermans

    Lol Bert, can’t wait to taste it

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