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03 Mar 2011

Bladnoch 1990 (cask #136)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Bladnoch

Bladnoch was bought by Raymond Armstrong in 1994 and production restarted in 2000 after some years of mothballing and renovation. This Bladnoch 1990 single cask was taken from the inherited stock and was the oldest available official release at the time of bottling.


Bladnoch 1990 cask 136Bladnoch 20 yo 1990 
(52,4%, OB 2010, cask #136)

Nose: fragrant and light, with some fresh grass, cut apples and a few floral notes. Some vanilla and honey. After a while, it seems to gets ‘older’ with notes of hay and something like stone dust. Mouth: sweet and nicely punchy, with the same flavours now backed up by spices (pepper, cloves) and oak. Big notes of lemons. Grapefruits. Slightly synthetic in its fruitiness I think, which turns into perfumy / soapy notes, especially when you add some water. Returns to dried grass before getting slightly bitter and herbal. Finish: bittersweet, spicy and a little perfumy. Quite long.

Very sippable and lively. A little mono-dimensional with a slightly disturbing perfumy touch but the price makes up for part of these problems. Around € 55. Sold out but a new 20yo single cask is available. Thanks for the sample swap, Stuart.

Score: 82/100

Bladnoch 1990 (cask #136) Ruben Luyten 2011-03-03
  • Will

    I wonder if it would’ve sold out so fast if people had read this review first?!
    Well written, but the liquid sounds a little disappointing.


    I liked this one.
    If they still had some in the shop, I would gladly re-buy another two bottles. My full bottle dissapeared within a couple of weeks…

  • Douglas

    Nice notes as always, Rueben. I struggle to describe these old Lowlanders but I think you have it. Probably my only difference is I sense the perfumey/soapy note as something floral, so I possibly enjoy it a bit more than you. But then I’m always grateful if I can’t pick out the negative notes described by other tasters!

  • Ruben

    It’s a fine line between floral and soapy of course. Without water I would give it the benefit of doubt, but with water I have difficulty getting over it (on the palate).

  • David Lilley

    This is good but not as good as the 8yo and 18yo Bladnochs which are outstanding



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