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22 Sep 2011

Octomore 04.1 (167 ppm)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Bruichladdich

While the first Octomore releases had long waiting lists, the latest bottling is still widely available three months after it arrived in stores. It takes the phenol levels even further (first 131 ppm, then 140 and 152, now 167 ppm).

In another glass, I have the original Octomore 1.1 to compare.


Octomore 4.1 167ppmOctomore 5 yo 04.1
(62,5%, OB 2010, 167 ppm, 15.000 btl.)

Nose: the new one is hotter and sharper than the first release. I wouldn’t say it seems peatier, on the contrary, the sharpness blocks some aromas and brings out a more biscuity side. It even seems younger (with more apple peel and synthetic sweetness). No ashtray blast, no garage smells. Some almonds, soft vanilla and herbal notes instead (heather, juniper). Rounder, more citrusy, more aromatic, but less smoky and peaty (yes, that may sound contradictory). Mouth: very clean, oily and intense. It feels like it has an anaesthetic effect? Tarry and grassy with a peppery hotness, but again a less mind-boggling intensity than Octomore 1.1. Heather notes again with herbal tea. Faint anti-septic notes. More plain smoke now, still accompanied by a slightly artificial fruitiness. Finish: medium long, with a veil of smoke and the lingering candied notes.


I wouldn’t have guessed this is the peatiest dram around. Not sure why, but the first release seems smokier and peatier, on the nose as well as in the mouth. Even though it’s not a bad dram, shouldn’t we conclude the new one is less impressively experimental and less true to the concept? Around € 100.

Score: 84/100

Octomore 04.1 (167 ppm) 3 Ruben Luyten 2011-09-22
  • Gal Granov

    i quite like my bottle of 2.1, but prefer 2.2.
    what avout 4.2, tried it?

  • Ruben

    I don’t think 4.2 is available yet.

  • Gal Granov

    Quick as lightning Ruben!
    well, when it’s going out , i want a bottle.
    2.2 costs a fortune now for a 5 yo baby…
    Octomore is very drinkable. all those ppms go to waste in the distillation. leaving it peaty but nice.

  • Kenneth

    Hi Gal.
    The 2.2 is sold in this danish webshop:
    Price: 749kr. – 100 euro.

  • Gal Granov

    good price. will they ship to israel? 😉
    let’s find out



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