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28 Nov 2011

Clynelish 1982 (Malts of Scotland)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Clynelish

A direct comparison this time. The Clynelish 1982 by Single Malts of Scotland against this version by Malts of Scotland. This one has an impressive strength of 53,7%, let’s see if the added punch alters the delicate Clynelish profile.


Clynelish 1982 Malts of ScotlandClynelish 28 yo 1982 (53,7%, Malts of Scotland 2011, MoS 11015, 275 btl.)

Nose: a lot punchier than the SMOS cask. More green banana. A tad more oak as well although that may be part of the higher strength. A lot of honeydew melon and beeswax (warm and honeyed compared to the sharper oiliness of the SMOS). Walnut liqueur. Apples with cinnamon. Some biscuity notes. Guimauves (the white ones). Great nose. Mouth: punchy again. Key components are vanilla and grapefruit this time, with some peppery notes. Hints of sweet almonds. Less complex and slightly less convincing than the nose, but still a nice whisky. Lemon zest and a slight coastal edge towards the end. Finish: long and elegant, zesty at first but coming back to a fruity sweetness.

For me this is the better Clynelish of the two, especially on the nose, although you could say they’re two different kinds of whisky alltogether (this one showing a slightly more 1970’s character). A little more expensive: around € 125.

Score: 91/100

Clynelish 1982 (Malts of Scotland) 4.5 Ruben Luyten 2011-11-28
  • bakerman

    Seems this nicely demonstrates difference due to maturation. Both are distilled same day like the other 1982 MoS bottlings. Certainly interesting to taste them all side by side and nice evidence for yesterdays article Ruben. One wouldn’t have guessed that by checking cask reference number MOS11015 vs 3985 (furthermore the TWE bottling number is very different from the first two 1982 MoS bottlings….big confusion if bottler doesn’t state exact date)

  • Ruben

    You really think #3985 is very different from the previous cask numbers? Maybe it’s #5893 spelled backwards, which would make it a perfect sister cask of #5894 and #5895 by Malts of Scotland :-) Of course we know that cask numbering can be very quirky, so it might be just a coincidence… Anyway the bottling date makes clear that they’re most likely from the same batch.


    2010 Clynelish MoS – 1982 = 99€
    2011 Clynelish MoS – 1982 = 125€

  • bakerman

    Well spotted Ruben! You may be right, its 1909 casks away but only “one” if you read the number backwards… reading tea leaves … :-)

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