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30 Mar 2011

Glen Keith 1970 (Whisky Agency)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Glen Keith

The stills at Glen Keith have been compared with those of Bushmills, and indeed, in the 1970’s (after the addition of an extra pair of stills) double and triple distillation were altered. Glen Keith had its own maltings and was still
coal-fired back then.

Glen Keith was mothballed in 2000 but it still performs some tasks for Strathisla, a nearby distillery connected via pipes.


Glen Keith 1970 TWAGlen Keith 40 yo 1970 (45,1%,
The Whisky Agency ‘Landscapes’ 2010,
bourbon hogshead, 215 btl.)

Nose: I think “voluptuous” describes this one. Juicy pears, sweet tangerine, apricots, pineapple… a very warm, honeyed fruitiness freshened by some flowery notes. Buttercups, pollen and flower honey. My beloved marshmallows! Marzipan. A suggestion of coconut / vanilla. After fifteen minutes, these notes are joined by some grassy / yeasty notes and even a medicinal tinge. Immediately attractive but very complex in case you want to dig a little further. Mouth: lovely pineapple / vanilla / coconut combination. Now almost completely on fruity notes, with a lot of fruit jam (apricot mostly). Fruit cake with a layer of soft spices and herbal notes in the background. Evolves on pink grapefruit. Finish: long, round and fruity with beehive notes and ginger.

Sweet and utterly fruity, slightly candied, with hardly any oak to be detected. Splendid and way too drinkable. Around € 180 but sold out now as far as I can tell.

Score: 93/100

Glen Keith 1970 (Whisky Agency) 5 Ruben Luyten 2011-03-30
  • MARS

    No, no, it’s still available.
    At “the bonding dram” and “vanzuylen”.

    Got 2 bottles and seriously thinking about one more.

  • Ruben

    You’re right, it’s still available. But it won’t be too long 😉

  • Stu

    Looks like this will become a benchmark bottling for the distillery. They will certainly go soon, and I hope to those who havent managed to grab a bottle yet.

  • Ruben

    I’m not sure this is a benchmark in the sense that it is typical for the distillery. Michael Jackson described the house style as “gingery, rooty, aperitif-style”. That’s not the case here.
    I would say it proves the fact that every distillery produced some jewels!

  • Ruben

    Except for Edradour 😉 (so far?)

  • MARS

    Someone tell me that a sister cask is going to be released soon. It is said to be of the same quality(but I didn’t try it yet).
    Not sure yet if I try to get a bottle of the new one or one more of this one (maybe it’s unreasonable).

  • Stu

    I know what you mean, I was talking more with regard to the fact that there are relatively few examples of Glen Keith that show such a level of quality.

  • Stu

    Also it could said that few “aperitif style” makes maintain such profiles at this great age.

  • Stu

    yep…..jewels…..Edradour……..not yet for me at least.

  • pompix

    I’ve tasted this Glen Keith. It’s marvellous, great whisky !

  • Dr Dramkenstien

    I recently tried a very old bottling of Glen Keith (bottled by the distillers) at The Fiddler’s Bar in Drumnadrochit, Loch Ness, Scotland.

    A great dram – lots of buttery, coconut and vanilla notes. A great lunchtime dram

  • MARS

    Tryed this whisky 2 time this week.
    It need a lot of breezing and it’s not really my cup of tea.

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