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15 Jun 2011

Glenallachie 1995 (Malts of Scotland)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Glenallachie

This Glenallachie 1995 is part of the latest series of Malts of Scotland releases. A sister cask #1258 was bottled by Dewar Rattray in 2007.


Glenallachie 1995 | Malts of ScotlandGlenallachie 16 yo 1995
(53%, Malts of Scotland 2011,
bourbon hogshead #1257, 222 btl.)

Nose: a very neutral, malty start, full of youngish notes. Half grainy, half fruity, with an overlay of sawdust. Lots of oatmeal. Hints of pears, vanilla and some flowers. A little yeast as well. Uninspiring. Mouth: very grainy and slightly alcoholic. Starts sweet but quickly develops on more bitter notes. A little aspirin. Lemon and mint. Then a hot, peppery burst. Salty liquorice. Quite sharp overall. Finish: medium long, drying and still bitter (grapefruit and lemon peel).

A neutral, harmless nose with a palate that’s too grainy and rough for my taste. Not my favourite release of this round. Around € 60.

Score: 75/100

Glenallachie 1995 (Malts of Scotland) 2 Ruben Luyten 2011-06-15
  • Kenneth

    Hi Ruben.
    Will you be tasting the two Caperdonich’s from MoS soon?
    They look quite interesting.


  • Ruben

    They are stunning. Buy them if you like good Caperdonich.

    I’m planning a big Caperdonich 1972 verticale (+/- 20 expressions) so it might take a while before I review them.

  • Kenneth


    Any preferences between the two?
    I can see that the 52.4% i almost sold out…

  • Ruben

    … because most people prefer that one. I don’t know yet, both are quite similar, certainly when brought to the same strength.

  • Kenneth

    Oh no.
    I might have to buy both, then.
    This year’s budget is running out fast…

    Thanks for the fast reply.



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