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15 May 2011

The Whisky Fair 2011 report

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Whisky Fair 2011So it’s all true. The Whisky Fair in Germany is probably the best whisky festival out there. Full stop.

It’s even bigger than I expected, and the number of both newly launched bottles and legendary old stuff is impressive. The best thing is that I hardly saw standard supermarket whisky, this is a place where bottlers and retailers are working hard to impress their customer.

Here are a few of my highlights. I’ve brought home samples of most of these, so expect a full review in the near future:

All of these new Whisky Agency / The Nectar / Daily Dram releases are very high quality by the way (Glen Keith 1970, Glenury Royal 1973…).

And then there was a whole bunch of old things. A great Longmorn 1969/1999 (DL OMC) at Mara’s stand, a Saint Magdalene 1965 (G&M CC) from Bert Vuik, a 1920’s blend from Berry Bros (thanks Magnus), a series of Moon Import bottles chez Diago Sandrin, etc.

Also worth noting was the Liquid Sun stand, a sister company of The Whisky Agency. Originally meant for Japan and Sweden, I’ve heard some rumours that their bottlings would come to Belgium in the near future.

As a final note, I was surprised to see so many Glenfarclas 175th Anniversary and Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix bottles being sold at different stands. They’re far from being sold out.

On to next year!

The Whisky Fair 2011 report Ruben Luyten 2011-05-15
  • Miguel

    I were wondering… do the give/sell the samples in bottles? or do you get a sample and have to bottle yourself?

  • Ruben

    Normally you buy 2cl and they pour it in your glass for you to try it (contrary to other festivals, in Limburg you have to pay for every drink you have). But as I had to return by car the same evening, I took my own 3cl bottles. I tried the whisky quickly in my glass and then poured the rest into the sample bottle.
    It would be a shame to drink a complex old whisky right away, personally I don’t think a festival is the right place to properly assess such whiskies.

  • Piazzolla

    Thanks a lot Ruben for all these previews …. waiting more details !

    Best regards.

  • heerveer


    m.b.t. de Inchgower. Er zijn recent een heleboel ‘zustervaten verschenen’ Misschien een leuke HtH met deze:

    C#6965 1982/2010 28yo 50.4% Bladnoch Forum
    C#6966 1982/2010 28yo 50.7% Bladnoch Forum
    C#6967 Next Bladnoch Forum Bottle ???
    C#6968 1982/2010 28yo 56.2% Berry Bros. & Rudd
    C#6969 1982/2011 28yo 57.2% Malts Of Scotland
    C#6970 Who Will Release This One ???
    C#6971 1982/2010 28yo 56.6% Whisky Doris Germany



  • ALouis

    TWF is the best festival ;)

    Longmorn 1969/1999 (DL OMC) are an amazing fruity Longmorn.

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