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17 Feb 2012

La Maison du Whisky: follow-up

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La Maison du WhiskyI owe you the rest of my La Maison du Whisky experience (remember that I ordered the Karuizawa 1981 #2634).


LMdW investigated my case (wrong stock indication, incorrect reminder e-mail, seemingly random order allocation) and sent me an answer. The clarification of the situation contains two arguments:

  • Karuizawa is theoretically reserved for the domestic market and selling a big portion to international customers would bring logistic problems and criticism from French customers.So I suppose you have a higher chance of obtaining LMdW bottles if you enter a French shipping address? Didn’t expect that. Also I’m not sure can I agree with this policy. After all we’re all customers and you’re selling on the internet, not on Minitel. Also it’s not like there are plenty of other distributors of Karuizawa. In any case I’m sure it’s technically possible to limit certain products to certain countries (before the actual sale) and avoid the hassle.
  • Because there were so few bottles, there is a system of allocations (by country, domestic on-license, domestic off-license and internet). But the system is not able to follow in real-time with highly popular releases.I understand the need for allocations (LMdW shop vs. website for example) but this doesn’t explain the problems. The website apparently didn’t respect any allocation at all, it just kept selling and selling.


The bottom line of the e-mail is this:

We have managed to resolve the problem and are working on putting in place measures to avoid similar problems in the future. We have managed to negotiate some bottles – which were originally allocated to other customer networks – so that we are now able to fulfil your orders, and to send you the bottles that you previously wanted: we hope that this goes some way to restoring your confidence in us.

They didn’t comment on the false reminder e-mail and I’m still not sure there is a real-time stock indication on the website after the “measures” they’re talking about. Let’s hope there’s at least some kind of (quick) response mechanism which limits sales of rapidly selling bottles. It’s better to sell just a few bottles and eventually offer the remaining stock after a few days than just take all the orders you can and having to refund most of them.

Anyway thanks to La Maison du Whisky for taking the time to investigate. I’m sure I’ll enjoy this Karuizawa twice as much now!

La Maison du Whisky: follow-up 2 Ruben Luyten 2012-02-17
  • Mark Dermul

    Clearly still not a very satisfactory answer, but at least you’ll be getting your bottle(s), so all is well that ends well, eh? :) Enjoy!

  • Rogier

    Honestly I think they could learn from TWE. I ordered my Karuizawa from them and received it several days later without any hassle.
    I definitely don’t agree with reserving a release for the French domestic market (or any other market for that matter) if they are selling them online via an internationally accessible website which normally does ship internationally without any restrictions.

  • SauronTNT

    In two words, you can say thanks to your site and your popularity on internet 😉

    if I were in your case, I would never have had my bottle because I’m a simple Customer support. Against you by you are followed by many people, so you can do when making even bad publicity for their sale site :)

    Anyway, I want to be in place of one who just lost his bottle so that can sell you the bottle :-)

    By the way, i am happy for you. Good job on this

  • Ruben

    I had the impression other people who commented on the previous post were also contacted by LMdW and might have received their bottle as well. Maybe someone can confirm?
    It wasn’t my intention to make bad publicity by the way, I respect LMdW for their whisky selection and creativity. But customer support was not their strongest point.

  • SauronTNT

    I don’t discuss on their whisky selection and creativity. I talk only about their customer support :-)

  • Thomas

    Do not get me wrong, Ruben (and all others who complained in the previous post), I am glad for you that you got what you had ordered (and confirmed).

    But let’s talk straight: basically LMdW resolved the problem by taking (confirmed) bottles from other customers to give them to people who complained here… to me, this does not show anything but that their attitude towards customer support has not changed.

    You just got priority treatment 😉

  • Ruben

    I don’t think bottles were taken from other confirmed customers. I suppose LMdW withheld some bottles that were originally destined for other retailers. This is something they regularly do, LMdW exclusives are sometimes found in Belgian shops as well.

  • Thomas

    Yes, I admit that would be an option I had not thought about, and I hope this is what happened… we will see in the future, I guess.

  • Thomas Karman

    I was also a customer that had problems, in my case with an canceled order – and I am not either a fancy or a big customer
    but with some blogging here and mailing with LMDW
    I got the same answers as you did Ruben
    and finally even I got my two bottles
    They have some serious logistic problems , but in my case anyway they tryed and managed to get me some good service.
    but as usual
    those who shout loudest get the most
    I am happy – I wonder who is not

  • MARS

    I think we would like to see a good customer service all the time. And if it was as good as their whisky selection, it would be fantastic.

  • Mike

    I didn’t get my bottle. Asked for a refund. They said they made the refund the 6th. It’s been 12 days now, still no refund. Otherwise, I agree with Thomas, post no. 6.



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