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Glenfarclas verticale: 1980 to 1953

2010 – A new whisky year, with an overview of the 2009 highlights

Glen Spey 1978 Daily DramGlen Spey 35 yo 1978 (52,1%, The Nectar of the Daily Drams for Drankenshop Broekmans 2013)
Glenfarclas 25 yo Quarter Casks (42,4%, OB 2012, 905 btl.)
Nikka Yoichi 1989 (60%, OB 2012, hogshead #206497)
Glenglassaugh 32 yo 1979 (43%, Signatory Vintage 2012, hogshead #1543, 255 btl.)
Nikka Taketsuru 25 yo (43%, OB 2012, ref. 10B30B)

Adelphi has a good reputation as an independent bottler. Their Inchgower 26y 1980 won a gold medal at the 2008 Malt Maniacs Awards, and their undisclosed ‘Breath of Islay’ and ‘Breath of the Isles’ bottlings are also highly regarded. Now they’re launching another undisclosed whisky named Fascadale (meaning “ship’s haven”). It’s a limited release of […]

Advent Calendar 2008 by Magnus Fagerström

Ardbeg Alligator: a new, heavily toasted Ardbeg expression

Ardbeg Galileo (49%, OB 2012)

Will the next Ardbeg be called Ardbeg Rollercoaster?

A few months ago, Bruichladdich released a private batch of its Octomore at 80 ppm phenols. After that, the public batch of Bruichladdich Octomore was the heaviest peated whisky in the world at 131 ppm. A liquid ash tray.   Ardbeg Supernova Yesterday, Ardbeg announced to launch its own peat monster: Ardbeg Supernova at “over […]

Balvenie Whisky Academy

This must be one of the most interesting tastings I’ve ever come across. If I’m not mistaken, it will feature every BenRiach 1976 single cask ever bottled by the distillery, no less than 19 in total. Our friend and BenRiach collector Serge Reijnders is behind the tasting. His collection contains the well-known casks such as […]

BenRiach single casks 2010

Best whiskies of 2012

Bruichladdich posted the line-up for this year on its blog. We can expect a multi-vintage sherry bottling, the mature X4 (which can now be called true whisky), a new Octomore with even more peat than the current release (140ppm), the new Port Charlotte PC8 (in a black tin again), a new XVII, Infinity III and […]

Cadenhead’s is Scotland’s oldest independent bottler. Some of their ‘dumpy’ bottlings (in strangely shaped, dark-coloured glass) from the 1970’s and 1980’s are legendary. Nowadays, they’re still a very respected bottler. In March 2009, for the seventh time already, Cadenhead’s launched its yearly Single Malt Nosing Challenge. The concept is simple: in return for € 15, […]

A couple of weeks ago, The Scottish Liqueur Centre launched Càrn Mòr, a series of 24 different vintages, one for each year between 1983 and 2006. They’re all from a different distillery and bottled in 20cl bottles.  I like the idea of smaller bottles, because I’m more of a taster than a drinker and most […]

Jens from Chwisgi invited me for a little interview. Chwisgi is a social website for whisky lovers. It’s a place to read, review and discuss whisky, with regular articles such as this interview series.

Irish single malts from independent bottlers are currently selling like hotcakes. We’ve seen old 1988 and 1989 expressions, the wonderful (peated) 1991s and several younger examples distilled early 2000s. All good to outstanding. Also on a more global scale, Irish distilleries achieved some excellent results and are growing at a much faster rate than their […]

Cutty Sark: The making of a whisky brand – book review

D.O. Jerez looking to control sherry casks

The Nectar of the Daily Drams

There’s a new Daily Dram bottling and it promises to be a very good one. Synch Elli is the anagram for Clynelish. It’s a 1982 vintage, matured for 27 years. The price is around € 100. You may already know this whisky, because it’s actually the same cask as the Clynelish that The Perfect Dram […]

Tasting notes of the new Daily Dram Undercover bottlings:
Undercover n°1 – Lagavulin 14y 1994 (53,1%, Daily Dram 2008, 196 btl.)
Undercover n°2 – Talisker 24y 1984 (51,9%, Daily Dram 2008, 82 btl.)
Undercover n°3 – Ardbeg / Laphroaig / Bowmore vatting (57,5%, Daily Dram 2008, 320 btl.)

Last week,  I’ve had a sneak peek at the brand new Daily Dram whisky glass. The bowl is closely related to a tulip / ISO glass, but there’s no stem, not even a foot. It’s rather small and comfortable to hold. I personally don’t like my whisky too cold, so I like the fact that […]

Good news: Daily Dram has three new bottlings named Undercover. The distilleries are undisclosed, but two of the whiskies are made on Islay (14y and 15y) and one on the Isle of Skye (24y – this should be Talisker because this is the only distillery on Skye).  Let’s hope they bring some bottles to the […]

Two new bottlings in the Daily Dram range: an 11 year-old Laphroaig ‘Philo Raga’ from 1998 (57,5%) and a 43 year-old Tomatin ‘Oat Mint’ from 1965 (48,1%).

Diageo Special releases 2010

Diageo Special Releases 2011

Diageo Special Releases 2013

Diageo Special Releases 2014

Diageo Special Releases 2015 – news, price and other details

Discovering Scotland’s Distilleries – Gavin D. Smith (whisky book)

It’s Sunday so let’s have a break from the Feis Ile bottlings and give you some news. In celebration of their sixtieth anniversary since the launch in 1949, independent bottler Douglas Laing is releasing a series of 6 limited edition bottlings, one for each decade. They are single casks in a special retro version of […]

Ardbeg Day / Feis Ile 2012

Five missing samples: Ben Wyvis, Glen Flagler, Inverleven, Kininvie, Kinclaith

Flaviar is a club for premium spirits lovers and enthusiasts who are looking to discover new drinks. When you get a subscription, you will receive a tasting pack each month, containing five 5cl samples and a leaflet with specific information about each drink.

In case you haven’t got a ticket yet for the upcoming Whisky Festival in Gent this weekend, just send an e-mail to info {at} Be sure to include your postal address. Since it’s 2012, the 12th person who responds will get the ticket. I won’t be able to go there myself, so I will […]

Fulldram tasting – Class of 89

Geert Bero – Ardbeg Collector

GlenDronach ‘cask in a van’ tour – 21/09 – 25/09/2010

Today the recently re-launched distillery GlenDronach announced a new thirty-one year-old expression selected personally by Mr Billy Walker: GlenDronach Grandeur. It’s a selection of some of the oldest oloroso casks at GlenDronach. The expression is bottled at 45,8% (cask strength). The official tasting notes of GlenDronach Grandeur mention “fruits, nuts, berries, coffee and subtle sweet […]

Three weeks ago, GlenDronach launched the new range of 12yo, 15yo and 18yo malts and already the first 3000-bottle consignment has sold out in Belgium.

GlenDronach single casks (batch 2 – 2010)

Glenfarclas 175th Anniversary (43%, OB 2011)

Glenfarclas 42 yo 1966 ‘Exotic Dusky Maiden’ (44,4%, SMWS 2008, 1.146, 76 btl.) – 92/100

Glenfarclas 27 yo 1970 (56,8%, SMWS 1998, 1.83, 169 btl.) – 89/100

Glengoyne Christmas Cask – cask #790

A new range of Glenmorangie ”private expressions”. The Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX will be the first release in this series.

The Glenrothes recently announced two new expressions, a 20 year-old Glenrothes 1988 and a 10 year-old Glenrothes 1998. Both will be released in the Far East first, so no need to rush to your local supplier. This is the official character description on the label of the 1988 vintage: “Rich candied orange peel, fruit compote”. […]

A few weeks ago, Jean-Luc from Connosr told me about a new series in their online magazine Connosr Distilled. I was asked to present one of the lost distilleries. While I have a few favourites among the closed / silent distilleries, most of them have quite a lot of fame and are well-known: Brora, Port […]

Grant’s Stand Fast – 1912 blend remake

Happy 2012

Happy new year 2011

Most bloggers (like me) do one whisky at a time, but others (most notably Serge) totally rely on direct comparisons. I’m not saying one method is better than the other, but I’d like to share some thoughts.

If you thought the Highland Park 40yo was old (and expensive), think twice. The distillery announced a new Highland Park 50yo, the oldest bottling ever. In fact, not many distilleries can claim such old whisky in their core range. Expected in a few months. Other news: there’s a new Highland Park 1997 vintage, sherry matured […]

Highland Park announced a new 12 years old bottling named Hjarta.

Holiday season

Introducing SherryNotes, the sherry blog.
La Bota de Amontillado n°31 (20%, Equipo Navazos 2011, 50 cl.)

In June 2009, Jura Distillery launched a limited edition of 3 single malts inspired by the Paps of Jura mountains that dominate the skyline of the island. The trio is 15 years old and finished in different types of wine casks. Jura Paps ‘Beinn An Oir’ Mountain of Gold: Pinot Noir finish Jura Paps ‘Beinn […]

Kintra Single Cask Collection – Erik Molenaar

La Maison du Whisky – Karuizawa 1981 #2634

La Maison du Whisky – update

The Laphroaig 15y will be replaced by an 18 year old. The Laphroaig 18y will be bottled at a higher strength of 48% alcohol (the same as the Laphroaig Quarter Cask). The price will remain the same (pretty uncommon considering the extra 3 years and today’s whisky marketing). Around € 50.

Laphroaig Double cask 20 years (OB 2010, 46,6%) – Exclusive for France duty free

Lindores Whisky Fest 2010

Lindores Whisky Fest 2011

Lindores Whisky Festival 2015

Liquid Sun – whisky label by The Whisky Agency

WhiskyNotes in Asia

Luc’s Surprise Tasting: 7 releases of Caperdonich 1972

Malt Maniacs Awards 2009

Tasting notes for all of the Gold Award winners of the Malt Maniacs Awards 2009.

Malt Maniacs Awards 2010

Malt Maniacs Awards 2011

Malt Maniacs Awards 2012

Malt Maniacs E-pistle #2011-10 – The hierarchy of independent whisky releases

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2012 (ed. Ingvar Ronde)

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2014 – Ingvar Ronde

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015 (ed. Ingvar Ronde, MagDig Media, £ 13.95, ISBN 978-0-9576553-1-7)

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2016 – Ingvar Ronde

Introduction to the new independant bottler “Malts of Scotland”.

Luc Timmermans announced that his tasks as importer of Malts of Scotland and owner of the Thosop handwritten series will be taken over by Dominiek Bouckaert.

There are interesting rumours that whisky giant Diageo will soon announce a new series of exclusive bottlings named The Manager’s Choice Single Cask Selection. They’ve selected one single cask from each of the 27 distilleries in their portfolio and the first six will be released in October 2009. A new Rare Malts series is born. […]

Mara – Malt-Rarities – Limburg an der Lahn // Roland Puhl & Carsten Ehrlich

Master of Malt – online whisky retailer with independent whisky bottlings

Master of Malt – Christmas Dramcrackers

Mo Òr is a whisky collection of single casks bottlings released by The Whisky Talker

New website for The BenRiach

Three new releases in the Daily Dram series: High Dark Plan, Auk’s Choir and Ciao All.

New whisky releases: La Maison du Whisky / Daily Dram / Whisky Agency

New: The Smuggler’s Series

Compass Box ‘This is not a luxury whisky’ (53,1%, OB 2015, blend)

GlenDronach Peated – GlenDronach 19 Years Old Madeira Cask Finish – GlenDronach Cask Strength Batch 5

NEW: Laphroaig 32 yo (46,7%, OB 2015, 5880 btl.)

The Balvenie DCS Compendium: 25 single casks for € 175.000

La Maison du Whisky – Collection 2016

Old Bothwell Port Ellen 1982 cask #2473 and Port Ellen 1982 cask # 2545.

With the current rate of the British Pound, I decided to place an order at The Whisky Exchange, which has a huge choice of current as well as older bottlings. Not to forget their excellent range of Single Malts of Scotland releases.

Port Askaig, a new brand by Speciality Drinks / The Whisky Exchange

Pierre Marcolini – Rare whiskies and rums (box of chocolates)

Scotch Whisky Aroma Nosing Kit – review

Because Tuesday (or Wednesday) was such a tragic day.                    

Spirits in the Sky 2011 report

Spirits in the Sky 2012 report

Spirits of the Sea – whisky festival Koksijde

I’m on antibiotics and I’ve run out of reviews for now… but normally we can resume services tomorrow or Wednesday. And it promises to be an interesting week!

I will be on vacation until the end of this month. No worries, I have prepared a bunch of reviews that will be automatically published while I’m away: The recent Jura Paps collection The experimental Balvenie 14yo Roasted Malt A new Glenugie release by Douglas Laing A 12 year-old Laphroaig by Malts of Scotland A new […]

Yes, it was a surprise for me as well, but it seems TastToe opened a shop in Spain recently, near Valencia. Check this out: They stole the picture. I guess it proves Guy Boyen’s shop is world class…

Ten days of accessible anti-crisis whisky (50 euros or less)

Port Ellen is one of the most enigmatic distilleries. Part of this is due to the fact that it’s closed since 1983 of course, and the number of available casks is rapidly diminishing (although I have the impression bottlers may be exaggerating this to increase the price). If you think about it, the story of […]

Diageo releases 2009

A series of Japanese whisky reviews. There’s a Hakushu and Yamazaki bottled for Whisky-Live Japan, a Karuizawa 1991, several Nikka bottlings, the highly praised Yamazaki 18yo, a Mizunara wood finish etc.

Feis Ile is the yearly festival on Islay. It’s not all about whisky, but traditionally each of the distilleries presents a special bottling only available at that time. The festival is over and I’ve had a shipment with most of this year’s releases, so let’s get dramming. Over the next ten days, I’ll be reviewing […]

WhiskyNotes is 6 months old now, and still a few well-known brands never appeared (simply bad luck of course, every whisky deserves a review). Time to feature Orkney-based Highland Park, a distillery with many fans. Highland Park had a major restyling in 2006, and the brand was supposed to become a top 10 single malt […]

We’ve recently passed the 300 posts mark, and even then there are a bunch of distilleries which we’ve never reviewed on this blog. At this moment, there are whiskies from 73 distilleries but let’s take it to a higher level. During the next ten days, we only allow “new” distilleries. A few names? Littlemill, Coleburn, […]

A new series that I would like to introduce on this blog: “Ten days of…”. It will consist of 3 or 4 posts with tasting notes from a single distillery and / or with a common theme and spread over 10 days. I’ll start with a couple of peated Bruichladdich releases. First, a word or […]

Diageo Rare Malts Selection – A collection of rare single malts.

The best whisky glass – an unscientific round-up

Battle of the stunners, Gent 19/01/2010

Clydesdale – independent whisky bottler

The English Whisky Co. – St. Georges distillery

The John Walker – Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Glenfarclas 41 yo 1968 (OB 2010 for Thosop, cask #702 & 5240)

Highland Park recently said that they can’t sustain the high strength of the current Highland Park 21 years old, because it was very popular and stocks at that alcohol level are limited (do they really have difficulty finding 20+ year old casks over 47,5% – hard to believe). They will be lowering the strength to […]

The Spirit of Unity is a special blend released to support Japan. Seven Scotch whisky distilleries are donating a cask of its single malt that will be expertly blended to create a limited edition whisky.

The Ten – La Maison du Whisky

The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show 2011 (London)

So it’s all true. The Whisky Fair in Germany is probably the best whisky festival out there. Full stop. It’s even bigger than I expected, and the number of both newly launched bottles and legendary old stuff is impressive. The best thing is that I hardly saw standard supermarket whisky, this is a place where […]

Happy 2014 – Best whiskies of 2013

The whisky year 2014

Enjoy the weather and see you in a few days. In the meantime, check out the second edition of the Whisky Round Table. The question was How did you develop you "nose" and "palate"? What was your turning point for actually trusting what you were smelling and tasting? What do you do, if anything, to […]

Trip to Scotland, visiting Pulteney, Balblair, Speyburn and Knockdhu (home of anCnoc)

Book announcement: Whiskey and Philosophy: A small batch of spirited ideas

The Whisky Agency – new bottlings – Perfect Dram III + Flowers

There are three Bunnahabhains in the 2009 range from The Whisky Agency. They’re all from the 1970’s and sherry matured, although they’ve used different types of sherry casks. I evaluated all three of them.

Whisky Bible 2011 – Jim Murray

Best Whisky Blogger of the Year 2015 – International Whisky Competition

Whisky Blogger of the Year 2015 – International Whisky Competition

Whisky Fair Limburg 2011

International Malt Whisky Festival Gent (Belgium) – 6 & 7 February 2010 – ICC building Gent

Remember that you can still win free tickets for the upcoming Whisky Festival in Gent. You can also grab one of the samples of the Connemara 10yo 1999 festival bottling. The contest ends January 20.

Whiskyfestival Gent 2010 – summary and tasting report

Impressions of the 2009 whisky festival in Gent, with tasting notes of the following whiskies:

BenRiach 20y (43%, OB 2008)
BenRiach 13y Maderensis Fumosus (46%, OB 2008, Madeira finish)
Girvan 18y 1989 Raw Cask (56,7%, Blackadder 2008)
Bruichladdich X4 (50%, OB 2008, 6000 btl.)
Arran 12y
Arran sherry cask
Arran Pomerol finish
Arran 4y peated

A second set of impressions from the 2009 whisky festival in Gent, with tasting notes of the following whiskies:

Long Red – Glen Ord 12y 1996 (46%, Daily Dram 2008, 184 btl.)
Auchentoshan Three Wood (43%, OB 2008)
Bunnahabhain 38y 1970 (40,2%, Duncan Taylor Rare Auld 2008, cask 4075)
Caperdonich 36y 1972 (54,4%, Duncan Taylor Rare Auld 2008, cask 7219)
Connemara 16y 1992 (58,9%, 100° proof club bottling, cask K92/34 4185)

The Times They Are a-Changin’. Part of the whisky community seems ready for palliative care.

Whisky pairing – Bernard Lahousse & Dave Broom

A few weeks ago, fellow blogger Jason (GuidScotchDrink) invited me to be part of his Whisky Round Table. Each month, one question will be answered by 12 bloggers and the answers will be published on one of our blogs. The first question is “What rules have you set for yourself in your whisky lives and how have […]

Whisky Round Table September 2010

Whisky Round Table October 2010

Whisky Round Table – December 2010

Head over to Whisky4everyone (by Matt & Karen) for this month’s Whisky Round Table. The twelve of us are answering this question: What is your whisky ‘dirty little secret’?  That’s the whisky that you always enjoy but would never let your ‘whisky connoisseur’ friends know that you do (apart from us!).  It is the big […]

Whisky Round Table – April 2011

I’m hosting the September edition of the Whisky Round Table. Here’s what I asked my fellow Knights: If you could reopen a mothballed or demolished distillery, which one would it be and why?  

Whisky sale: selling around 80 bottles from my collection

Whisky festival Gent, Belgium – 13-15 February 2009

Whisky festival Gent – contest winners

    Exactly one year ago, the first whisky review was posted on this website, the Balvenie 30 Years Old. Since then, almost 200 other drams were published and more than 40 news item were covered. Let’s celebrate with a week of 90+ drams! turns one year old today. Congratulations Luc! To celebrate the anniversary, 50 new samples will be released in November which will increase the total number of samples from 200 to 250. Great! In the meantime, Whiskysamples released 60 relabeled bottles of the excellent Glenfarclas 1968 / 2009 Family Cask #699.

Why whisky lovers should try sherry (again)

Wild West Whisky Fest – Kortrijk Xpo – WWWF 2010

Win free tickets for the Whisky Festival Gent (6-7 February 2010) or a sample of this year’s festival bottling (a peated Connemara)

On my way back from Southeast Asia, I passed through Heathrow’s new Terminal 5. Considering the amount of high-end shops there, I was eager to see the World of Whiskies branch as I expected something special. Unfortunately, that was not the case. WOW in itself is still very interesting, but apart from a handful of […]

World Whiskies Awards 2011

World Whiskies Awards 2012

The results of this year’s WWA09 have been announced. Highland Park 21 years old is the best single malt whisky of this year.

World Whisky Awards 2010

Wild West Whisky Fest – 5/6 June 2010



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