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Most bloggers (like me) do one whisky at a time, but others (most notably Serge) totally rely on direct comparisons. I’m not saying one method is better than the other, but I’d like to share some thoughts.

Why whisky lovers should try sherry (again)

The best whisky glass – an unscientific round-up

Best Whisky Blogger of the Year 2015 – International Whisky Competition

Blended Scotch Whisky 21 yo 1988 (48%, Scotch Whisky Experience 2009, 498 btl.) – 82/100

Whisky Blogger of the Year 2015 – International Whisky Competition

The whisky year 2014

Pierre Marcolini – Rare whiskies and rums (box of chocolates)

Happy 2014 – Best whiskies of 2013

Flaviar is a club for premium spirits lovers and enthusiasts who are looking to discover new drinks. When you get a subscription, you will receive a tasting pack each month, containing five 5cl samples and a leaflet with specific information about each drink.

The Times They Are a-Changin’. Part of the whisky community seems ready for palliative care.

Glenfarclas verticale: 1980 to 1953

Glen Spey 1978 Daily DramGlen Spey 35 yo 1978 (52,1%, The Nectar of the Daily Drams for Drankenshop Broekmans 2013)
Glenfarclas 25 yo Quarter Casks (42,4%, OB 2012, 905 btl.)
Nikka Yoichi 1989 (60%, OB 2012, hogshead #206497)
Glenglassaugh 32 yo 1979 (43%, Signatory Vintage 2012, hogshead #1543, 255 btl.)
Nikka Taketsuru 25 yo (43%, OB 2012, ref. 10B30B)

Five missing samples: Ben Wyvis, Glen Flagler, Inverleven, Kininvie, Kinclaith

Lot No. 40 (43%, 2012 Edition) – 75/100

Whisky bar: Oishii Hasselt (Belgium)

Best whiskies of 2012

Redistilled Talisker 10 yo (45,8%, Master of Malt 2012, experiment)
Redistilled Glenfarclas Movember 2011 (53%, Master of Malt 2012, experiment)
Redistilled Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or (46%, Master of Malt 2012, experiment)

Grant’s Stand Fast – 1912 blend remake

Whisky sale: selling around 80 bottles from my collection

Mo Òr is a whisky collection of single casks bottlings released by The Whisky Talker

La Maison du Whisky – update

In case you haven’t got a ticket yet for the upcoming Whisky Festival in Gent this weekend, just send an e-mail to info {at} Be sure to include your postal address. Since it’s 2012, the 12th person who responds will get the ticket. I won’t be able to go there myself, so I will […]

Happy 2012

Cutty Sark: The making of a whisky brand – book review

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2012 (ed. Ingvar Ronde)

I’m hosting the September edition of the Whisky Round Table. Here’s what I asked my fellow Knights: If you could reopen a mothballed or demolished distillery, which one would it be and why?  

Holiday season

Ten days of accessible anti-crisis whisky (50 euros or less)

A series of Japanese whisky reviews. There’s a Hakushu and Yamazaki bottled for Whisky-Live Japan, a Karuizawa 1991, several Nikka bottlings, the highly praised Yamazaki 18yo, a Mizunara wood finish etc.

Whisky Round Table – April 2011

The Spirit of Unity is a special blend released to support Japan. Seven Scotch whisky distilleries are donating a cask of its single malt that will be expertly blended to create a limited edition whisky.

Balvenie Whisky Academy

Head over to Whisky4everyone (by Matt & Karen) for this month’s Whisky Round Table. The twelve of us are answering this question: What is your whisky ‘dirty little secret’?  That’s the whisky that you always enjoy but would never let your ‘whisky connoisseur’ friends know that you do (apart from us!).  It is the big […]

Jefferson’s Reserve (45,1%, OB 2010) – 80/100

Happy new year 2011

Whisky Round Table – December 2010

500 posts on

Lindores Whisky Fest 2010

Duchy Royal Deeside (0,0%, OB 2010, still water)

Scotch Whisky Aroma Nosing Kit – review

Win free tickets for the Whisky Festival Gent (6-7 February 2010) or a sample of this year’s festival bottling (a peated Connemara)

2010 – A new whisky year, with an overview of the 2009 highlights



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  • Amrut 2009 (cask #2701)
  • Lagavulin 12 Years (2015)
  • Lindores 2015 festival bottling
  • Glenlivet 1981 (#9468 for TWE)
  • Talisker Distillers Edition (2015)
  • Laphroaig 32 Year Old
  • Glen Grant 65yo 1950 cask #2747 for Wealth Solutions
  • Mortlach 1959/1960 (G&M Royal Wedding)

1930 notes by Ruben

WhiskyNotes - Ruben LuytenThis blog is my personal collection of impressions, written while searching for the ultimate single malt whisky.