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20 Jan 2010

The Bonding Dram – Battle of the stunners

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in * News

The Bonding Dram Last night I was at a tasting with an interesting concept named Battle of the Stunners. Two challengers (Malt Maniac Bert Bruyneel and The Bonding Dram owner Jeroen Moernaut) select one bottle for each of 5 categories (blends, non-Scotch, peated…) with a maximum retail price of € 50 per bottle. The audience evaluates each combo blind and singles out one of the two bottles. The challenger with the best set of bottles wins the battle.


This was the line-up:

The choices of the public are in bold, although I have to say I had a different opinion on the second and third combo. Jeroen, who selected the first bottle of each combo, won 4-1. Congratulations!

It was an entertaining evening. My personal conclusion would be that malts from outside of Scotland offer great value for money, certainly in this price range. Also, it seemed to me a general public prefers bottles that have common (easy) flavours rather than complex (more difficult, but for me more interesting) profiles. Anyway, I swooped a couple of samples and will revisit some of these whiskies over the next few weeks.

The Bonding Dram – Battle of the stunners Ruben Luyten 2010-01-20
  • Blair

    This sounds like a great idea!!

    I think we may have to try it at our society!

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  • Jeroen

    Hello Ruben,

    Thanks for the review. I totally agree on the 2nd en 3th combo, I preferred the Amrut Crombé and the Astar over my challengers. So actually I expected a 2-3 loss 😉

    See you next time!

  • Martin

    It was an interesting evening. As nobody knew what we were drinking it was intresting to hear the different opinions about each whisky.
    My preference went to the Laphroaig and the Arran.

    Congratulations to Jeroen and Bart for a great evening.

  • Ruben

    Hi Martin, thanks for stopping by. It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday.

  • Mark Dermul

    Hi Ruben,
    It was a pleasant passtime to say the least. For me, being the novice that I am, it was also very educating. It was nice meeting you ‘live’ even if we didn’t get the chance to chat, but we’ll meet again, I’m sure.
    Big thank you also to Bert and Jeroen for their great set up.
    For your information, I have posted a small report on the blog (in Flemish).

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