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06 Aug 2012

Springbank 1995 (Duncan Taylor Dimensions)

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The Dimensions range from Duncan Taylor is their newest series, launched in December 2011. It’s a kind of all-round series, containing malt and grain whisky from all over Scotland with all kinds of ages. Hence the name: they want to showcase all the flavour dimensions that you can get in the wonderful world of whisky. Bottlings are either single cask + cask strength (sold in a rectangular box) or small batch at 46% (in a round tube).

In my glass is a 17 years old Springbank, single cask and cask strength. It was bottled last week and it’s on its way to stores as we speak.


Springbank 1995 - Duncan Taylor DimensionsSpringbank 17 yo 1995 (51,4%, Duncan Taylor Dimensions, sherry cask #1995)

Nose: lots of sherry, and none of the sulphur that you sometimes get in sherried Springbank from this era. Big fruity notes: raspberry, red plums, rhubarb compote. Raisins and figs. A little liquorice. Faint sourish notes (balsamic). The sherry is certainly bigger than the Springbank character here, although I have to say there are some pleasant coastal notes as well. Very nice nose. Mouth: mostly dry with a sweet & sour mixture. Figs, dates, a little tobacco. Quite some dark chocolate. Moves over to the dry side with a little liquorice and some woody notes overpowering the sweet fruits. Raspberry and balsamic. Finish: quite long, still some sourish wood alongside the sherry notes. Liquorice and herbal notes.

A good Springbank with an abundance of (clean) sherry. No price information yet.

Score: 86/100

Springbank 1995 (Duncan Taylor Dimensions) 3.5 Ruben Luyten 2012-08-06



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