Glenfarclas 2007 (cask #1628 for Greek Whisky Association)

Glenfarclas 2007 (cask #1628 for Greek Whisky Association)

The Greek Whisky Association is a group of whisky enthousiasts from the North of Greece, started in 2018. They organize tastings but also trips to Scotland.

They are also doing regular club bottlings, four so far if I’m not mistaken, all official bottlings. There’s a sherried Arran, Madeira finished Kilchoman and a Teeling from a white wine cask, but today I’ll look at their Glenfarclas 2007. A refill sherry hogshead selected from warehouse number 8.


Glenfarclas 12 yo 2007 (61,7%, OB for Greek Whisky Association 2019, refill sherry hogshead #1628, 272 btl.)

Nose: starts earthy and spicy (ginger, nutmeg) with leafy notes, hints of fabrics (bung cloth perhaps), stone dust and some mineral oils. Hints of buttermints and lemon peel. Subtle raisins. A hint of Fino sherry as well. Old books. Really complex.

Mouth: the wood seems more active now. Pepper and ginger again, with a fruity hint in the background (oranges and peaches perhaps). Cloves and turmeric. A whiff of tobacco and mint again. Juniper berries. Water brings out walnuts and leather, as well as some cocoa. Growing Mediterranean herbs.

Finish: quite long, with slightly resinous oak and hints of spiced chocolate.

This is quite an old-style Glenfarclas, perhaps not the easiest ever (plenty of spice, little fruits) but interesting and entertaining nonetheless. Late night whisky, good choice. Around € 170. Not sure whether there are still bottles available, you might want to contact the GWA.