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03 Dec 2010

Glen Garioch 1971 (for Taiwan)

Posted by: Ruben Luyten In: Glen Garioch

We already know Glen Garioch distilled in 1971 can be quite stellar (think of the Duthie’s for Samaroli or the one for Oddbins). This version was bottled in 2004 and distributed in Taiwan. It’s long gone of course, but it was available at the latest Lindores festival.

Glen Garioch 1971 cask 2041 TaiwanGlen Garioch 32 yo 1971 (44,6%, OB, hogshead #2041 for Taiwan)

Nose: very rich. Almost impossible to describe in an orderly way, so let’s just give you a bunch of the aromas in a random order. Wet leaves, coal and soot (rather than plain peat), dusty books, dried fruits (quite delicate), roasted meat, fat, a gas station, some honey, incense, spearmint (great). Wonderfully farmy as well (wet fur, some fern). Tobacco. After half an hour, when I thought I had discovered everything, it suddenly became fruity with wonderful passion fruit syrup and berry candy. Oh my! Mouth: medium bodied. Not oaky but it does show some resinous notes. Hints of citrus and orange peel. Some nutmeg. Leather. Subtle peat and cocoa in the aftertaste. Finish: not too long, slightly drying with resin and light peat. Dark chocolate. Faint pepper.

Superb nose really. Also a great example of subtle old-style peat. A little lightweight on the palate maybe, but great.

Score: 93/100

Side note… I’ve read that some festivals don’t like the fact that you take home samples. While I understand this to a certain extent, I don’t see how you can possibly get to the bottom of such an incredible whisky in the environment of a festival.

Glen Garioch 1971 (for Taiwan) 5 Ruben Luyten 2010-12-03
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  • Luc Timmermans

    Ruben, glad to see you like it soo much. That makes two. I utterly adore this expression.

  • aw

    Agreed. To properly assess a whisky, to truly enjoy it and to get the most out of it, I have to be alone. Well, I’m usually sitting on the sofa next to the wife while she reads, and I focus 100% on the whisky. Sharing a dram with others, with friends – nice, but not so easy to focus on the whisky. Festivals – forget about it; it’s impossible. I believe Serge has said pretty much the same thing.

  • Ruben

    @Luc: thanks for making this one available for the rest of us!

  • Johan

    That makes us three…

  • Damien

    It was brilliant, even at Lindores!
    Thanks Luc!!!

  • Charlie

    Thanks Ruben. After reading this review, I spent some time to hunt this one down in Taiwan. Luckily I found it and also Glen Garioch 1970 33yo Cask #466 42.6% 2003 for Taiwan.

  • corbuso

    Charlie, If you you can find a 1970 for Taiwan for sale, please let me know :-)

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