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24 Jun 2010

Lagavulin ‘distillery only’

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Lagavulin

This Lagavulin is exclusively available at the distillery for the moment. It’s a cask strength bottling without an age statement. It was extra matured in sherry seasoned American oak casks (i.e. casks that were simply treated with sherry for a short time – the sherry didn’t actually mature in them).

Some of the casks that were used, had been intented for bottling as a Distillers Edition, but they were found to be too good to be blended in such a large batch.


Lagavulin distillery onlyLagavulin NAS ‘only available at the distillery’ (52,5%, OB 2010, 6000 btl.)

Nose: close to the Distillers Edition. Definitely sweeter than a regular 16yo but my DE is still sweeter. Like a peated apple juice, or peach syrup served in an ashtray. A very nice profile. Brown sugar. Lovely butter biscuits. Quite tarry. Some coal and liquorice. Seaweed. Mouth: quite sweet again. Creamy chocolate coating. Some coffee. Plums. Vanilla. After a while the peat and soot take over and the whole gets drier with hints of lapsang tea and tobacco. Mouth: long and smoky with a spicy edge.

I love the Lagavulin DE style, with its combination of peat and PX sherry. At cask strength, this combo is even more expressive. Round, sweet and balanced. Around € 85.

Score: 90/100

Lagavulin ‘distillery only’ 4 Ruben Luyten 2010-06-24
  • Gal

    I’ll be dammned.
    i love the 16 DE, and i am dying to put my hands on a bottle of this one.
    too bad it’s avilable only there. have you got a bottle or a sample?

    great notes.


  • Ruben

    Just a sample, but if the occasion presents itself, I’m buying. There seem to be quite a few on offer on eBay and WhiskyAuction.

  • Gal

    so, next vacation in Islay? 😉

  • Mark

    Thanks for the great tasting notes but I think the prices are a bit too high.During the Feis Ile we paid 69 € in the Distillery shop for the Distllery Only and 75 € for the Feis Ile bottling.

  • Ruben

    I’ve used the price in pounds and converted it to euro. Maybe it was cheaper if you paid directly in euro at the shop.

  • Marc Michels

    The price in the distillery is 69 £ (you get a discount when during a tour for 3 £ buying one bottle or 10 £ for two). I cannot imagine that they sold it just for 69 €.

    It’s very pleasant, not as sweet and over-finished as the DE. I preferred the distillery only and bought two bottles.

    BTW (I was there last Friday) Lagavulin is doing a great tour!

  • Mark

    Sorry for the confusion, my mistake. It was 69 POUNDS for the distillery only and 75 for the Feis Ile. I haven’t opened the festival bottling yet, but the ’distillery only’ was very good, although a bit too sweet maybe.
    After the tour we got to taste a single cask, too, that was not identical with the festival bottling, and which I liked a bit more. It was less sweet, more like the regular 16 yo as a cask strength, if I remember right.
    I’m enjoying the summer here in Germany, but I’m looking forward to colder wheather, then I will open the Feis Ile bottling…
    I am also interested in what you think about the Caol Ila festival bottling, which I think is really great (my first single cask!).

  • gal

    good stuff. having it as i type.
    on the money there Ruben.
    my notes to follow next wk

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  • James

    I was there a few months back and picked up a bottle of this. Got it for 66 pound bc we went on the tour. We got lucky and went on the warehouse tour that day and met Ian (might be wrong on the spelling). He is their warehouse manager and quite a good guy. Very funny and a good sense of humor. Got to try a 66 vintage right from the cask. Best moment of my life!

  • Davide

    I have one ^_^ 130 euros



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