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14 Feb 2011

Glenfarclas 175th Anniversary

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Glenfarclas

Announced a couple of weeks ago, Glenfarclas 175th Anniversary is now being distributed across Europe and Asia and even sold out in many places.

It is composed of 18 casks from six decades and even the oldest cask in the distillery warehouse was added (cask #1711 filled in 1952). For more information, read the original announcement.


Glenfarclas 175th AnniversaryGlenfarclas 175th Anniversary
(43%, OB 2011, 6000 btl.)

Nose: a fairly gentle nose with different layers. Sweet barley sugar and young fruity notes to start with (coconut, berries). Some heather and vanilla biscuits. Much ‘older’ sherry as well (figs, dark chocolate) and a layer of subtle oak (old roses, light spices). Wax. Dusty books and gravel. Very complex and well integrated. Mouth: not the biggest impact. Rather spicy (cinnamon, pepper). Hardly any young notes now. There’s a fruity side to it – orange liqueur and Seville oranges rather than bolder sherried notes. Then growing more herbal with heather, old oak and leather. The herbal / bittersweet profile was not really expected. Finish: medium length, with some mint, apples and a cocoa note.


It’s great to see so many ‘old notes’ in a bottling that’s accessible thanks to the addition of younger malts. Adding the oldest cask was not a marketing trick, you really get a sense of old Glenfarclas here. Around € 95 but prices are going up as it seems to sell like hotcakes.

Score: 89/100

Glenfarclas 175th Anniversary 4 Ruben Luyten 2011-02-14
  • gal

    Already gone from some stores!
    i hear more is coming in a few months…
    too late on this one 😉

  • Duffer_dk

    Gal – I don’t know which stores you have checked, but I found it on several homepages – in the UK and Germany. Kind of funny this one is cheaper in the UK, as Glenfarclas is usually much cheaper in Germany.
    I had hoped it was bottled at a higher strength…

  • Ruben

    It is gone from cheaper stores and still available in others that are more expensive, or so it seems. Indeed a higher strength would have been welcome.

  • Michael

    As usual, not seen in North America yet (if at all).
    Thank you for the review Ruben

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