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01 Aug 2013

Tamdhu 10 years

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Tamdhu

Tamdhu distillery had a rebirth at the latest Speyside festival, after being bought by Glengoyne. The first two releases are this new Tamdhu 10 years and a limited edition Tamdhu 10yo 100% first fill sherry. Sandy Couts, the previous distillery manager at Glenrothes, is now running the distillery.

It’s a slight disappointment to see range makeovers and still end up with alcohol volumes of 40%. I thought we had evolved to 43% or rather 46% by now, even for standard releases?

The new Tamdhu 10 years was assembled using sherry wood, a combination of European and American oak casks, with quite some first fill barrels in the mix.


Tamdhu 10 yearsTamdhu 10 yo (40%, OB 2013)

Nose: there’s a nice smoothness to this nose, with quite some vanilla cake and raisin notes to it. Latte notes and honey coated almonds. Some juicy apples. Closely related to Glenrothes, or so it seems. Unfortunately there’s also a significant amount of rubber. It comes and goes but it’s hard to miss. A bit sad for an otherwise very attractive nose. Mouth: medium weight (better than the 40% suggested I must say), with a lot of caramel and citrus notes now, both oranges and lime. Vanilla and soft ginger. Quite a big malty core as well. Cocoa. Finish: medium long, playing the spicy card now. Pepper and grassy notes with a nice berry note in the aftertaste.

Definitely a nice entry-level malt and a good rebirth of the brand. Though blemished by some rubber and a slight lack of punch on the nose, it’s an elegant composition of first fill and refill sherry. Around € 35.

Score: 82/100

Tamdhu 10 years 3 Ruben Luyten 2013-08-01
  • kallaskander

    Hi there,

    no one needs the fancy bottle and 35.- € for a new entry level whisky with 40% abv is just asking too much.
    Tamdhu is not Macallan – yet – and if they think they are on that way it is the wrong way.


  • WhiskyNotes

    It’s a fact that it’s hard for entry-level bottles to stand out on the shelf these days. So I’m not against pretty bottles in any way. They should have done both the bottle and 43% for € 35, after all they have some catching up to do – the price can be adjusted later.

  • I_SPEY

    And in my honest opinion I think this 10yo Tamdhu is an attractive bottle with a nice/soft palate, for a very afordable price!! I agree with Ruben, that 43% would have been a bit better!



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