Bruichladdich 2001 (cask #311)

Bruichladdies cask #311Three Dutch guys who call themselves Bruichladdies (in real life they’re called Teun, Bob & Arthur and they’re the organisers of the unique Maltstock festival) bought a cask of Bruichladdich 2001. It was an impulsive purchase (“don’t worry honey, I only bought one souvenir this time”) but I’m sure it has been good fun visiting the cask over the years, sending cards for its fifth birthday, and installing a miniature Dutch windmill on the bung.

A couple of weeks ago, the cask was finally bottled. A release party is planned on July 28th to distribute the bottles. I’ve had a sneak peak at the results already, thanks Teun!



Bruichladdich 2001 cask 311 BruichladdiesBruichladdich 10 yo 2001
(53,11%, Bruichladdies 2012, sherry hogshead #311, 315 btl.)

Nose: starts with an impressive amount of gunpowder. Matchsticks, unused ones I’d add, and roasted coffee beans. After fifteen minutes of airing, the gunpowder fades away (or you get used to it) and a nice fruity side appears. Baked apple, raisins, bread pudding. Rhubarb pie. Red candy. A little bacon and tobacco leaves in the background, roasted nuts as well. Light peat. Hints of balsamic. Very intense.

Mouth: pretty hefty stuff indeed, again showing lots of roasted notes (coffee, roasted wood, a little tar). Lots of dark chocolate. Still some sweet sherry notes (pralines with a sweet & sour fruit filling). Some liquorice and smoke.

Finish: long, dark and roasted, with lingering fruity notes and growing herbal notes.

Quite a fierce Bruichladdich with shameless gunpowder notes. In some whiskies that tends to be an off-note, here it’s simply an innate feature that’s part of its character – love it or hate it. Pretty unique, worth the trouble guys! I’m not sure if outsiders can buy a bottle, but I’ve heard some bottles were sold for € 53,11 and donated to a good cause.

Score: 87/100