Auchentoshan 1992 (Eiling Lim)

The latest release from Eiling Lim is an Auchentoshan 1992. In general I don’t get excited when I see this distillery, but this one turned out a bit different.



Auchentoshan 1992 - Eiling LimAuchentoshan 23 yo 1992
(45,7%, Eiling Lim 2015, 132 btl.)

Nose: a light, flowery and rather ethereal nose. Blossoms in spring, lemon, nectarine, unripe apricots, green banana and light tropical fruits. Hints of bubble gum and jawbreakers. Very fresh, with some menthol and quite a lot of waxy notes (lipstick). A bit of vanilla.

Mouth: starts fruity and sweet, with lots of unripe fruits again. White nectarine, oranges, melon. A subtle tropical Irishness. Light ginger and touches of green oak, making it slightly bittersweet. Some waxy notes again – it’s rather perfumed in a good way.

Finish: fairly long, with citrus, green apple and a light grassiness.

The Lowlands are not my favourite region and Auchentoshan not my favourite distillery, but this is nicely different, very refined and just very good within its style. Definitely a spring whisky.

Score: 88/100