Blended Malt (Eiling Lim)

The label of this brand-new Eiling Lim release tells us it’s “artisan blended malt whisky, older than old and 100% premium quality”. Very honest and clever: pretty much the same level of information we get from distillery releases these days, hehe.

We’ve heard some of the contents goes back to the 1970s but remember, officially we can only tell you the youngest component is from the 1990s.



Blended malt whisky - Eiling LimBlended Malt ‘older than old’ (46,5%, Eiling Lim 2015, not so many bottles)

Nose: aromatic sherry up front. Fruity (oranges, apricots, plums) with light savoury touches and a pleasant acidity. A little Earl Grey and linseed oil. Chocolate. After a while there’s more tobacco, honey coated roasted nuts and a light earthy hint. Delicate spices. Beautiful.

Mouth: more plums and sherry. Kumquats. Wee touches of herbal liqueurs. Tobacco leaves again. Orange zest and fruit tea. Fades on nice spicy notes (pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon). It’s a little thin maybe, like old whisky can be (Glenfarclas and such), but also very elegant and not woody.

Finish: medium long, clean, honeyed and delicately spicy.

A nicely old and old-style dram. A great sipping whisky that doesn’t break the bank. I believe it will be presented at the upcoming Lindores Whisky Festival. Around € 90. There are “not so many” bottles available…

Score: 88/100