Tamdhu 10 Years // Tamdhu Batch Strength

Tamdhu with a sherry influence but some 40 years apart…

First there is the Tamdhu 10 Year Old bottled in the 1970s (one of the first single malt bottlings after the 8 Years), then we have the latest Tamdhu Batch Strength released a couple of months ago.


Tamdhu 10 Years - bottled 1970sTamdhu 10 yo
(40%, OB late 1970s, 75 cl)

Nose: very fresh, with sherry notes (marmalade, raisins, cooked fruits), acacia honey or mead, malty and some floral / minty notes. Soft but very pleasant. Goes on with very light heathery peat and whiffs of old books.

Mouth: sweet and creamy, a tad caramelly at first (fudge), then more towards herbal notes with a little smoke. A little grainy / grassy edge in the background. Cooked fruits again, maybe just a little OBE too (silver polish).

Finish: quite long, a bit more oak now and the same toffee / fruity sweetness.

Not a well-known classic perhaps, but still a very nice old-style dram. Elegant, fresh (even after so many years in the bottle) and with a lovely whiff of smoke.

Score: 87/100


Tamdhu Batch Strength 003Tamdhu Batch Strength
(58,3%, OB 2018, Batch #003)

Nose: decomposing leafs and wet earth, mixed with chocolate notes and fudge. Hints of mocha en some pepper. Quite some savoury touches and brown bread. Caramel and overripe plums. Lacking a bit of fresh, fruity notes in my opinion.

Mouth: quite heavy, with dark hints of burnt sugar with plenty of spices (cinnamon, pepper, clove). Dark bread again, as well as some green oak. Dark chocolate and hints of espresso towards the end.

Finish: long, quite hot, on earthy notes, spices (especially cloves) and burnt sugar.

Not bad. Of course the higher strength makes this come across more powerful, intense and flavoursome, but I’d definitely go for the old style if we bring them down to the same strength. Complexity, depth and elegance is worth more to me than 18% more alcohol. Available from The Whisky Exchange among others.

Score: 82/100