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25 Aug 2009

Black Bull 30 Years old

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Duncan Taylor recently launched a premium blend, Black Bull, made up of 50% malt whisky and 50% grain, vatted in the 1970’s and matured for more than 30 years. This is highly unusual because blends are usually vatted after separate maturation. Its availability is rather limited.


Black Bull 30y Black Bull 30 yo (50%, Duncan Taylor 2009)

Nose: nicely integrated oloroso sherry with figs, chocolate and orange marmalade. Lots of raisins. Some cocoa and espresso. Cake. Hints of leather. The whole works very well with the grain, it really balances. Mouth: nice mouth-feel, nice spices (cinnamon, ginger) which give it the flavours of a christmas cake. Hints of “Mon chérie” (chocolate filled with a cherry and liqueur). Finish: roasted coffee beans, milk chocolate ganache, cinnamon and cherries again. A bit of tobacco.

This certainly is a blend that will appeal to many malt lovers (give it to them blind). Very smooth and gentle. It’s probably the best blend I’ve ever had. Around € 90.

Score: 89/100

Black Bull 30 Years old 4 Ruben Luyten 2009-08-25
  • Jeff H.

    This sounds really nice! Any sign of sulphur in this one?

  • Ruben

    Hi Jeff. Not a single trace of sulphur. The sherry influence is relatively mild and on par with the grains.

    If you’re interested, there are only 600 bottles for the US.

  • gal

    90 Eur. is kinda of expensive for a blend, no matter how good. dont you think?
    yet it’s intriguing.

  • Jorgen

    84 euro for a Hibiki 17 yr is in the same range…it’s also a blend, and in my opinion one of the best I ever tasted…

  • Ruben

    For me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a blend, new-make, grain, whatever… If it’s good, it’s worth some money. If it’s 30 years old, even more so.

    This is way better than the Hibiki so you could argue the Black Bull is excellent value for money.

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