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14 Dec 2009

Brora 1976 30yo (DL Old & Rare Platinum)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Brora

Brora 1976/2007 Platinum Brora, Brora, Brora… They’ve made absolutely stunning whisky, so I’m always eager to taste something with that name on it. Although Brora has lots of fans, there’s little information about this specific Douglas Laing Old & Rare Platinum bottling.


Brora 30 yo 1976 (55,1%, Douglas Laing
Old & Rare Platinum 2007, 104 btl.)

Brora 30yo 1976 DL PlatinumNose: It doesn’t take long before you know this is special. Oh. My. God. The farminess is a bit restrained but it’s certainly there (the hugely pleasant dirtiness that only Brora can produce: horse stable, wet leaves, sheep). Moreover, it’s mixed with silky peat smoke and juicy sherry notes, even strawberry marshmallows and pear candy. Marzipan. And back to the coal smoke. And back to the fruits. And back. Old leather. Soft oak. Everything is coated with a fat waxiness and a slightly maritime edge. Superb complexity, excellent development and just soooo good… A perfect score. Mouth: in line with the nose. More smoke now, still some farminess. The fruit comes out towards the end together with some big herbal notes. Cardamom. Citrus. Liquorice. Pepper. It’s sweet, sour, herbal and slightly bitter (think grapefruit) at the same time. An aromatic rollercoaster! Yet so delicate. Even if it’s not as perfect as the nose, it’s still magnificent. Exactly to my liking. Finish: very long. Smokey (with a little tar even) and farmy. Citrus notes with hints of walnuts.

Although I’m always hesitating to write this, this is probably the best whisky I’ve tasted so far. Enough said. Around € 450 if you’re lucky enough to find one.

Score: 95/100

Oh, I forgot to mention the hay.
And the wet dogs.
And the mocha.
And the dust.
And the salty almonds.

Brora 1976 30yo (DL Old & Rare Platinum) 5 Ruben Luyten 2009-12-14
  • ALouis

    Thank you for your notes.
    I want a bottle of that Brora.

  • Jorgen

    Is this the bottle you were planning to open over here a couple of months ago? Damn 😉

  • Ruben

    No, that was a Clynelish 1983 in the same series. I don’t have a bottle of this Brora… yet.

  • Jorgen

    yet…. :)

  • mars

    Too expensive for me (I am only crazy to put silly price on old single cask of glendronach. But it’s still less expensive hopefully)

  • Lee

    Managed to find one!!

    £325 from Vintage House in Soho, London…

  • Ruben

    That’s a good price, but it’s a sister cask at 57.5% and they don’t ship outside of the UK… Thanks though.

  • Lee

    Ah, no, I managed to get the 55.1% one shown here, I was in the shop today and they had one, and after double checking all the details I snapped it up…. (think it was their only one, but not sure).

    Was delighted to find it as it’s my Xmas treat 😉


  • Ruben

    Ah ok, nice catch! Let me know what you think of it.

  • Lee

    Will do, thanks!

    I know it’s a lot to spend based on someone else’s opinion, but… you were right about the Mannochmore :)

    And, like yourself, I’m nuts about the Brora profile.


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  • Lumbergh

    Does anyone know what the difference is between this version and its 1976 sister bottling at 57.50% (apart from the obvious %)?

  • Ruben

    I haven’t tried the other version but I’ve heard it’s just as good.

  • Lumbergh

    Thanks, Ruben. Your review of the OR seems to be more favourable than the review of the Platinum on Whiskyfun

  • Lumbergh

    Bought the DL 1976 57.50% Bottling. The accompanying certficate says Bottle nr 1! Could it be? (whereas the bottle itself just states the useless ‘1 of 109 bottles remark)

  • Tom

    I have one of these exact bottles been sitting in my cupboard in the box, how much is it worth?

  • WhiskyNotes

    In auctions the last ones have been sold for € 600-800.



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