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16 Jul 2010

Caperdonich 1969 (Duncan Taylor Lonach)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Caperdonich

Caperdonich from the 1970’s is relatively easy to find – and one the best price / quality whiskies if you ask me – but 1960’s Caperdonich is a bit less common nowadays.

Lonach is a series by Duncan Taylor that blends underproof casks (below 40% alcohol) with higher strength casks to make sure the result can still be called whisky. Although they have a lower strength, most of them are still very full and flavoursome.


Caperdonich 1969 DT Lonach Caperdonich 39 yo 1969 (42,2%, Duncan Taylor Lonach 2008)

Nose: instantly more herbal than I expected. The usual tropical fruits are certainly present (mango, pineapple), but they are mixed with sour apples and some mint. Big hints of chamomile. Heather honey. A little grapefruit. Vanilla. Will we ever be disappointed by an old Caperdonich? Mouth: hmmm, it’s very oaky although not too dry. Minty / woody / grassy, some nutmeg but not much more, I’m afraid. The fruit is reduced to a vague sweetness. Finish: not too long, slightly tannic, showing some aniseed.

This is not a bad malt, not at all, but because of the lower strength and the age, the oak is relatively loud. There’s better Caperdonich to be found. Around € 100 at the time but difficult to find now.

Score: 84/100

Caperdonich 1969 (Duncan Taylor Lonach) 3 Ruben Luyten 2010-07-16
  • aw

    Ruben, you never cease to impress me. You know what to expect from a 1960’s Caperdonich… You, sir, are a scholar!

    Now, how about that TWE Linkwood…? I just succumbed to temptation and bought a bottle.

  • Ruben

    Well, I’ve had a car accident a few days ago and just got out of the hospital with a broken sternum. I have a buffer of +/- 10 notes, but I’m afraid my planned whisky tastings will be reduced to a minimum during the next few weeks (pain killers don’t mix well with alcohol, and opening a sample bottle already causes pain right now). That Linkwood is waiting on my desk though, and it smells great.

  • aw

    Very sorry to hear that Ruben. Take it very easy, and I hope you recover well and fully.

  • Martin

    Just read about your accident – hope you`ll recover soon!!!

    Best wishes from Germany

  • Ruben

    Thank you guys. Much better already.



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