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21 May 2010

Master of Malt 50 years old (Speyside)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in * Undisclosed

There’s a tendency to release extremely old malts as exclusive bottlings in fancy boxes for outrageous amounts of money. Once in a while though, an old whisky is marketed as a drinker’s whisky at an affordable price. Master of Malt fits this description with their range of undisclosed old Speysiders. There’s a 30 year-old, a 40 year-old and now a 50 year-old!


Master of Malt 50 years Master of Malt Speyside 50 yo
(40%, Master of Malt 2009)

Nose: great nose, fruity and spicy. Apricot pie and yellow raisins. Oranges. Heather honey. Vanilla and a little cellulose varnish. Woody notes and pine needles as well, but actually less than expected for such an old malt. Some mint. Cinnamon. A lovely touch of candle wax and even engine oil. Quite excellent. Mouth: ah, here’s the wood. Immediately spicy with nutmeg and cloves. Quite phenolic as well which is a nice addition. Some chocolate. Hints of tea and olive oil. Getting quite tannic. Maybe a few extra degrees would have balanced it better? Finish: rather short, spicy and not too dry.

A stunning nose with beautiful fruit and smooth signs of age. On the palate it misses some punch, which means there’s more emphasis on the wood than on the fruits. Very nice. Around € 290 which is a lot of money but still relatively cheap considering the age.

Score: 91/100

ps/ Master of Malt now offers 3cl samples of more than 60 whiskies, including this 50 years old Speysider.

Master of Malt 50 years old (Speyside) 4.5 Ruben Luyten 2010-05-21
  • aw

    Wow! Thanks for the news about the samples… that’s brilliant. I’m ordering loads right now. This is what I’ve been waiting for for years. I know about, but the international shipping aspect put me off. MoM are just up the road from me. This is great! Cheers.

  • aw

    I just ordered 15 samples, inc. this Speyside 50 yo and the Glenfarclas 40 yo, plus loads of Family Casks, plus a Port Ellen. This has made my day / month / year!

  • Ruben

    I’m glad for you! I’ve ordered a few myself.
    I think there’s a big market for samples of regular bottlings, that Master of Malt is entering now. Whiskysamples really focuses on rare whiskies, but I’m sure people are interested in trying standard bottlings as well before they pick a bottle.
    Let me know what you think of the 50yo and the Glenfarclas 40yo.

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  • aw

    Yes – will let you know about the Speyside 50 and Glenfarclas 40; can’t wait to try them! The 50 yo will probably be my one and only chance to try a whisky older than me (just!).

    The good news is that MoM (who have really gone up in my estimation) aim to eventually have a sample for every whisky in production – so including the regular bottlings, and I agree there must be a big market. I really hope this initiative opens up the samples market here in the UK, and retailers like TWE will follow suit with some of their rare stock.

  • Ruben

    On a side note, the samples are looking great. They have a waxed screw top and kind of a handmade paper label. Really classy.

  • Douglas

    Excellent notes as always, Ruben!

    This seems to be the way with these fine elderly whiskies; a fabulous nose with a palate that can lag just a little behind.

    And I love the samples offer. This reminds me of the discussion we had at Mark’s forum about the new Glenfarclas 40. Now we can try these great whiskies at a realistic price and then decide whether to go for the full bottle. Result!




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