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08 Sep 2011

BenRiach 1978 (cask #7037 for Asta Morris)

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in BenRiach

Our relaxing holidays have ended, I hope you enjoyed the reviews that were scheduled. Let’s try a couple of recent releases in the next few days.

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced the BenRiach 1975 cask #7227 bottled for Asta Morris, the label of (now ex-)Malt Maniac Bert Bruyneel. One week later, this BenRiach 1978 was released. The sherry cask yielded only 79 bottles.



BenRiach 1978 Asta Morris 7037BenRiach 32 yo 1978 (48%, OB for Asta Morris 2011, sherry hogshead #7037, 79 btl.)

Nose: very jammy, with big apricots and thick honey. Tropical fruits as well: mango, guava, clementine. Pineapple syrup. Faint camomile tea. Less citrusy than #7227, less complex and more direct as well, but really juicy and delicious. Mouth: again quite direct, with a nice coconut / banana combination and citrus (oranges and mandarin). Some “darker” elements like natural caramel – even hints of bread crust. Strawberries and cream. Light vanilla. This one doesn’t show the 1975/76 grapefruit in the end, but stays on warm, oak-infused flavours. Finish: lengthy, still fruity and full-bodied with soft spices.

It seems most people think of the 1975 as a slightly higher class than this 1978, but personally I think the difference is not that big. Different styles – both quite excellent. Around € 210. Now sold out.

Score: 92/100

BenRiach 1978 (cask #7037 for Asta Morris) 4.5 Ruben Luyten 2011-09-08
  • Johannes

    Nice notes Ruben! I missed this one when it came. Too bad. Now i have to wait for it at Whiskyauction. But i tried it. Was excellent!

  • Serge

    I think that this bottle is still available at Tastoe Kampenhout Belgium.

  • Johannes

    Thanks. I have e-mailed the store.

  • Marc Castermans

    I share your opinion of the ’78 being not to far away from the ’75. I tasted them both together with a friend and we agreed that the ’78 is very close to the ’75. I’ll have to try those 2 again blind perhaps :-)

  • Mark Dermul

    Marc, that’s a great idea. I have both samples on my desk right now. Will give them a go soon – blind.

  • Lars Bautmans

    Johannes, if it was already sold out @ Tasttoe : there are still some bottles left @ De Clercq Drinks in Lochristi

  • Johannes

    Thanks for the tip Lars. I have mailed the store. I don’t know if they ship to Sweden. Soon to find out i guess…

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  • eRJe

    Does anyone know if this Whisky is available anywhere?

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