Gouden Carolus Madeira Oak

Gouden Carolus Madeira Oak

Each year Stokerij De Molenberg releases an Anniversary release of their Gouden Carolus whisky. A tradition that may come to an end soon, or so I’ve heard. Other than that, there is also an occasional experiment that makes it to a wider core range expression. Even though the experiments are often done by other distilleries before, it does allow them to keep their fans interested.

In 2023 they released a Madeira Oak version, a continuation of Esmeralda, let’s say. It sits beside the Gouden Carolus Sherry Oak and it is fully matured in American oak casks seasoned with an undisclosed style of Madeira wine.

In May 2024 there will be a Port Oak version in the same series.


Gouden Carolus Madeira Oak (46%, OB 2023)

Nose: nice, rather fruity, on plenty of peaches, minneolas and bright honey. Some vanilla in the background, as well as peanuts and almonds. Floral touches aplenty. Hints of golden raisins, as well as hints of oak shavings and grass. Well made. Now we don’t know the age (if the product is good, then why not?) but this is certainly not immature.

Mouth: a funky banana note mixes with berries, raisins and light potpourri or a beer-like hoppy note. A tad woody, grassy and peppery now, adding spice to the otherwise fairly ‘regular’ whisky. Then plain malt appears, with toffee, vanilla and caramelized nuts. That fragrant element stays strong and makes this a slightly unusual whisky.

Finish: quite long, with woody and grassy touches coming forward, along with nougat, a nutty dryness and sweet spice.

I like the fruitiness and the slightly acidic touch from the Madeira wine. Only the peculiar fragrant touch on the palate makes it a little less classic. Some may find it an asset. Still available in plenty of shops – I bought a sample from whiskysite.nl.