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29 Jun 2011

Nikka From the Barrel

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in * Japan

Nikka From the Barrel is a blend of grain whisky from Miyagikyo and malt whisky from Yoichi. Three more Japanese whiskies to go in this little series.


Nikka ‘From the barrel’ (51,4%, OB 2010, 50cl)

Nikka From the BarrelNose: fruity and floral, with apricot, banana and pineapple aromas, oranges and some fresh oak. Honey. Almonds. Cinnamon sticks and vanilla, a little pepper as well. A balanced sherry nose. Mouth: creamy with plenty of punch at the same time. The grains are maybe a little too sharp around the edges, but the rest is very tasty. Malt and nougat. Caramelized sugar. Fresh lemon. Fruit tea. Drier towards the end, with spices like nutmeg. Even a hint of peat? Finish: quite long, malty and spicy with a lightly bitter edge.

This is a well-made, intense whisky that’s not easy to recognize as a blend. Around € 25 (50 cl) so great value for money.

Score: 80/100

Nikka From the Barrel 2.5 Ruben Luyten 2011-06-29
  • lapin-rouge

    Interesting review Ruben. Nikka is my ‘journey’ whiskey and the stubby bottle fits well in a small suitcase, at 50% vol it’s efficient. Plenty of character for a blend, I would add to your tasting notes that sugared almonds are to the fore and there is tremendous length on the finish.
    My father – a Sringbank fan – wont touch the Nikka, and it’s not a Highland imitator, something of a bourbon feel in fact. Excellent in its own right and I thoroughly recommend.

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