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26 Jul 2012

Bruichladdich 10yo ‘The Laddie Ten’

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Bruichladdich

This was the first 10 year old whisky to be distilled, aged and bottled by the new Bruichladdich owners. A real landmark. While we all thought this could be a great starting point, it now turned out it’s an ending point at the same time, at least for Mark Reynier’s team. Let’s hope the new owners take the distillery down the same path.

This 10 years old ‘Laddie Ten’ has been praised by a lot of people as a high-quality, low-cost whisky. It’s unchill-filtered and not coloured, as all bottlings should be these days.


Bruichladdich 10 years 'The Laddie Ten'Bruichladdich 10 yo ‘The Laddie Ten’ (46%, OB 2011)

Nose: clean but not at all light or immature. It has a fruity core of citrus and banana, with a dollop of honey. It shows lots of coastal aromas, a little damp wood and hints of lemon candles. In the distance there’s also liquorice and tiny medicinal notes. A faint hint of toasted malt. Nice Islay character (albeit not exactly peaty) and fairly aromatic. Mouth: quite bold and flavoursome, on maritime notes, brine, pepper and ginger. Balanced by a vague sweetness of gingerbread and raisins. Drier and oakier towards the end. Finish: long, back to salty, herbal and softly bitter notes.

Certainly an above average entry-level bottling. We can only assume future standard expressions from the new Bruichladdich will be excellent. Around € 40.

Score: 86/100

Bruichladdich 10yo ‘The Laddie Ten’ 3.5 Ruben Luyten 2012-07-26
  • whiskycuse

    Hello Ruben, this ist Marcus from Germany. I really like reading your Tastingnotes, and I was waiting for your Laddie Ten-Tasting to write my first comment, because I like this Malt very much. It´s that kind of stuff, that one should buy at the proper time (which imho is now), because the price is low.
    I think, this Whisky has the potential to become amazing in the future with a little bottle-aging. So better buy and store a few bottles, forget them for the next 20 years and enjoy it, while the rest is searching for the few high priced bottles, left on the market.

    kind regards…

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