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02 Dec 2012

Bruichladdich 16yo ‘The Laddie Sixteen’

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in Bruichladdich

In the revamped “Classic” range (non-peated) from Bruichladdich, there are three versions with an age statement: The Laddie Ten, The Laddie Sixteen and The Laddie Twenty Two.

The Laddie Sixteen has been matured in American white oak casks, made from wood harvested in the Ozark Mountains (Missouri).


Bruichladdich 16 Laddie SixteenBruichladdich 16 yo ‘The Laddie Sixteen’ (46%, OB 2012)

Nose: pure and focused. Medium sweet melon, peach and gooseberries, with a drier, more coastal side at the other end. Lemon balm and wax. Quite some dried flowers. Hints of ginger and vanilla. Crisp. Mouth: more on the mineral side now, with a dollop of seawater. The barley sugars and vanilla biscuits are still there, but vaguely in the background. Lemon zest. More oak as well, fresh oak shavings (a little too obvious for my taste), grassy notes, pepper and ginger. Finish: rather long, dry with a distinct oaky edge and ginger.

A clean Bruichladdich, in line with the Laddie Ten. In the end though I don’t see a particular reason to prefer this one over its younger brother, which is a tad more vibrant and has less wood on the palate. Priced between € 55 and € 75 – be sure to look around.

Score: 84/100

Bruichladdich 16yo ‘The Laddie Sixteen’ Ruben Luyten 2012-12-02
  • Joshua Feldman

    I wonder what the juice is for this? Reynier & co. fired up Laddie’s stills in 2000 – so this is juice from the old Laddie?

  • bakerman

    If I am not misslead they must have used pre 1995 vintages, so is slightly older than 16 years considering the youngest spirit has been distilled 1994. Also means it should get “older” if there are follow-up batches before they can use the 1998 vintage.

    Reading your notes I possibly would like it more :)

  • kallaskander

    Hi there,

    released 2012 as a 16 yo…

    2012 minus 16 would mean distilled 1996.

    All the sources I know say that Bruichladdich was closed – officially that is – from 1994 to 2001.

    With the exception of June/July 1998 in which months a limited production was done perhaps with the intention to show a working distillery to a potential buyer. It is possible that blending contracts had to be fullfilled and that a small scale production was manintained even during the years in mothballing. But there is no proof for that.





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