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31 Jan 2012

La Maison du Whisky #fail

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La Maison du WhiskyThis is the second time La Maison du Whisky is playing tricks on me.

I won’t go into details but last Friday around 13h25 I received their promotional e-mail about the new Karuizawa single casks. I ordered one of these and received a confirmation at 13h52.

My brother in law wanted to order the same bottle as well, but around 16h they were already out of stock. He clicked the “send me an e-mail when new stock arrives” button. On Saturday morning 7am he received an e-mail claiming that indeed new stock had arrived but by the time he saw the e-mail, they were out of stock again. Bad luck.


Today, about an hour ago, I received this e-mail from their client support:

Dear Sirs, We want to thank you for your order. Unfortunately the product Karuizawa 1981 cask 2634 is out of stock. Do you want to replace the product or to be refunded? Best regards, Audrey – La Maison du Whisky

Funny. How can a product be out of stock for a customer who ordered on Friday if you send an e-mail to customers on Saturday that new stock arrived? How hard is it to have an accurate (if not real-time) stock indication anyway, if you’re a proclaimed specialist since 1956 with an emphasis on online sales?

Is LMdW selling bottles only to preferred customers regardless of the ordering queue? Or is their logistics really that terrible? Beats me.

La Maison du Whisky #fail 1 Ruben Luyten 2012-01-31
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  • Michael-II

    I have had similar problems with Single Malts Direct.
    TWE is god but very slow in replying e-mails.

  • Rogier

    Couldn’t resist anymore, with that super pretty label :-), so I just bought the 1981 cask 6256 from TWE.
    Quite the impulse buy by the way, never having tried even one dram of Japanese whisky before in my life, let alone Karuizawa…
    Hope I won’t regret it.

  • johnm

    TWE are very good, as are Royal Mile Whiskies, Loch Fyne Whiskies,, Master of Malt. I have never had any problems with any of they. Nor have I had problems with La Maison du Whisky.

    I received my bottles today in good time and good condition.


  • rallev

    @Nicholas Sikorski
    Then, I think you have a bad customer service! Sorry!
    Every month I buy whisky for a lot of Euros, but never again at LMDW! Sorry for this!
    Normally I expect that a customer service replies an email within 24 hours, but nothing happens!
    Do you think that this is a great service???

  • Mark Dermul

    Well, I’ve not yet ordered from LMdW since I’m more than happy with the Belgian retailers I order from (whose service have not yet let me down ever), but after reading this, I don’t think I ever will… But I fear LMdW is not concerned overmuch as they have more happy clients than disgruntled die-hards (no offense meant, just stating fact). After all… whether you got your Karuizawa or not, LMdW sold them all.

  • rallev

    Got a mail from Mr. Sikorski!
    Answered all my questions! Many thanks!

  • Ruben

    I’m interested rallev, any new insights on the outdated stock information and the fact that the ordering queue doesn’t seem to be followed? Did you get some explanations?

  • Rogier

    Ruben, if LMdW doesn’t respect their customers and the first come first serve principle, what would stop you from getting similar bottlings from TWE? If it really is that bad with LMdW, the only way to have a chance of changing it is by not buying there anymore.

  • Ruben

    Indeed that would certainly be the conclusion. On the other hand I hope not too many good whisky will be sold exclusively by LMdW.

  • Nicholas Sikorski

    Hi Ruben,

    We’ll soon have this all sorted out. Could you send me an e-mail so I have your address? Thanks!

  • rallev

    Great job Nicholas!!!! Many thanks for your mails and work!!

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