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15 Oct 2013

Teeling Whiskey

Tasting notes by Ruben Luyten - Posted in * Blends

Remember the Teelings, who started the Cooley company, sold it and now started their own company again. I already wrote about the excellent Teeling Whiskey 21 Years a couple of months ago.

This one is the base offer, a blended Teeling Whiskey with a high malt content and no age statement. Note that it has been ‘rum married’, i.e. finished in Flor de Caña rum barrels after blending.



Teeling WhiskeyTeeling Whiskey (46%, OB 2013)

Nose: lots of apple notes, freshly cut green ones but also baked apple with a dash of white rum. Some spices, a grassy prickle and rhubarb. Orange peel. Nice enough for a blend, although the grainy notes are pretty loud. Mouth: a very nice, typically Irish fruitiness and creamy vanilla. Apple and grapefruit. Quickly taken over by grains, some alcohol heat and finally dried herbs with some bitter tonic. Pepper and clove. Something of pine wood as well. Finish: grainy and peppery. Not too long.

I real like some parts of this Teeling blend. There’s no denying Irish whiskey like this is very attractive and offers great value for money. But in other parts the sharpish grain takes over, which masks some of the nice fruits. Undecided. Around € 40.

Score: 79/100

Teeling Whiskey 2.5 Ruben Luyten 2013-10-15
  • S.

    Hi Ruben,
    just to say that I find your score a little bit harsh, considering the fact that it sells only for around £32 in the UK and that they’ve made the “considerable” effort to bottle it at 46% un-chillfiltered.
    I reckon it is made to be simple, “fresh” and yes, grainy, definitely grainy but very pleasant, lively and characterful for what it is. As you know, higher content Malt would also mean higher price. 83 or 84/100 would be (in my opinion) a fairer score.

  • Michael

    Just bought Dewar 12-yo blend – 87 point in Ralfys book. Very good value for money = 18 GBP



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