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Well, it’s a blog… WhiskyNotes is my personal collection of impressions, written while searching for the ultimate single malt whisky. A work in progress, and an exercise for the senses.

Nowadays, hundreds of new bottlings are hitting the market each year. With this website, I try to be a “filter” and publish impressions of the bottles I really liked. Sometimes bottles are sold out very soon after their release, so I try to inform you about interesting things as soon as possible. But of course legendary old whiskies will also feature regularly.


Why whisky?

In the 1980’s, my father bought a bottle of Chivas Royal Salute 21y. That’s not a single malt, but it surely is an excellent blend. I’m not sure if he ever poured himself a glass, because the ceramic bottle didn’t seem to become lighter. I liked it though… with Coca Cola. After more than 15 years, the bottle moved to my storage, and was rediscovered when I drank some of it in the company of my brother in law. After that, a Japanese blend (Hibiki 21y) and the Lagavulin 16y sparked a fire. Since that time, we’re both infected by the whisky virus. Ice cubes or Coke don’t come anywhere near the whisky now!


How bad is the virus?

Pretty bad. You read books about it, you cross the country looking for decent shops, you visit whisky fairs, you even start a website about it. Go figure… In the meantime, I’ve collected over 400 bottles of which only about 20% is actually open. I’m buying more than I can ever drink, but hey, people tell me good whisky will increase in value!

Apart from all the bottles, I have samples of over 750 whiskies waiting to be tasted… This blog isn’t likely to stop soon.


What’s your favourite?

I don’t have one in particular, but I have a sweet spot for Banff, Brora, ClynelishKaruizawa and Port Ellen. In general, I prefer older, sherried whisky, with lots of complexity and subtleties.


Samples available

Do you want to taste something that’s on my site? Feel free to contact me at info[_] – since whisky prices have gone up during the last few years, sharing samples is a nice way to discover new whiskies.  Anything that you would like to offer, is welcome too.


Who are you by the way?

I’m Ruben. I was born in 1978 and I’m living in Belgium, near Mechelen, about 400m away from a pot still whisky distillery!



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  • Langatun Old Bear peated
  • Laphroaig An Cuan Mor
  • Fettercairn 1990 (Liquid Library)
  • Tomatin 1997 (Liquid Library)
  • Karuizawa 1981 (cask #6207)
  • Karuizawa 1984 (cask #3692)

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WhiskyNotes - Ruben LuytenThis blog is my personal collection of impressions, written while searching for the ultimate single malt whisky.