Ben Nevis 1996 (Maltbarn)

I like the new labels from Maltbarn. They’re still a continuation of what we saw before, but the selection of the pictures, together with the bold typo, are nicely done.

In the latest batch we found this Ben Nevis 1996.



Ben Nevis 1996 - MaltbarnBen Nevis 19 yo 1996 (50,9%, Maltbarn 2015, bourbon cask, 121 btl.)

Nose: a bit of a strange mix. It has the nicest touches of sweet melon and passion fruits, but also a dirty side of porridge and cider apple. Linseed oil. Hints of butter. Quite a fatty profile, I find it hard to focus on the nice elements.

Mouth: plenty of fruity notes, like peaches, strawberries and apples. Roasted malt and yet again a buttery edge. Lemons and wax. A little ginger.

Finish: rather long, lemony, with a sweet and syrupy undertone.

I’m not quite sure. There are nice fruity notes but also things that were a little off-putting for me. Is there something about this bottler’s Ben Nevis bottlings that isn’t compatible with my preferences? Around € 110.

Score: 83/100