Glen Albyn 1968 (Gordon & MacPhail)

Sometimes I try old whisky that doesn’t really seem to fit the distillery profile or reviews that I find. A dodgy review today: Glen Albyn 1968 bottled by Gordon & MacPhail.



Glen Albyn 1968 - Gordon & MacPhailGlen Albyn 1968 (40%, Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice 1991)

Nose: fairly neutral. Apples, oranges, grassy notes. A little pepper. Hints of furniture wax, which is nice, but also wet cardboard. A dusty, even slightly peaty touch as well.

Mouth: sweeter than expected, orange juice, yellow plums and vanilla cream. Some smooth grainy notes. Closer to an old blend, I’d say.

Finish: not too long and quite flavourless.

A disappointment, especially since Serge seemed to like it. Maybe the bottle wasn’t in good condition, or maybe the liquid inside wasn’t really Glen Albyn 1968. You never know with these closures.

Score: 73/100