GlenDronach 18 Year Old (2014)

In October I revisited the GlenDronach 15 Year Old, which turned out a really nice surprise. I thought it would be a good idea to try its older brother again as well (my favourite back in 2009): GlenDronach 18 Year Old.



GlenDronach 18 Years OldGlenDronach 18 yo ‘Allardice’ (46%, OB 2014, 2014/09/03)

Nose: like the initial 15yo. More nutty notes (almonds, hazelnut paste), more beef stock and mushrooms, more sulphury edges as well. Some apple peelings and raisins. Muddy notes. The sherry sweetness that’s left feels a bit flat.

Mouth: a disappointment. Sweet dates and fig syrup, but in a caramelly, heavyweight style. Nutmeg and some pepper to add some dryness. Limited complexity, and where is the fruity sparkle?

Finish: medium long, fairly dry with chocolate and spices.

Not as complex as the GlenDronach 15yo in my opinion, not as fresh either. Much less vibrant than the 15yo as well, so picking one is a no-brainer really. Of course batch variation makes it difficult to generalize. Around € 75.

Score: 81/100