Glenturret Peated Edition

Since 2009 The Glenturret distillery is regularly doing runs of peated whisky, mainly intended for use in the group’s Black Grouse blend.

The Whisky Shop managed to get three exclusive editions of The Glenturret in 2014: Glenturret Triple Wood, Glenturret Sherry Edition and Glenturret Peated Edition.



The Glenturret Peated EditionThe Glenturret Peated Edition (40%, OB for The Whisky Shop 2014)

Nose: very creamy and lightly peated, I guess smoothness was a priority here. There’s a tarry note and corrugated cement board. Popcorn sweetness and apples. Sweet biscuity notes and a little chocolate.

Mouth: again smooth and easy-going. Toffee, soft spices and a firmer hint of peat, including a slight acrid / grainy edge and a hint of salt.

Finish: longer than expected, sweet and grainy with soft pepper.

Smooth and easy-going. It’s really okay, especially if you’re a blend drinker who wants to try a peated single malt but not the more intense Islay distilleries. Available from the distillery shop, sold out at The Whisky Shop (£ 47). Somehow they are now also available from a few Dutch and German retailers (€ 40).

Score: 82/100