Springbank 10 Year Old (2015)

The other day I was selecting bottles for a whisky tasting I hosted, with all kinds of different styles. The tasting included anCnoc, GlenDronach, Lagavulin, Elijah Craig and a really old Glen Grant 1972, but I also felt the Springbank style was a must-have.

A good chance to open a recent batch of the classic Springbank 10 Years, it had been a while since I tried it.



Springbank 10 Year OldSpringbank 10 yo
(46%, OB 2015, 15/103)

Nose: still the mineral classic indeed. Earthy / rooty notes, hints of chalk and a certain ‘green’ fruitiness, some lemon and maybe unripe nectarine. Whiffs of sea air. Some candle wax and gentle peat, more the sharp kind of peat than the warm smokiness of Islay.

Mouth: oily, with a sweet malty notes to start with, quickly followed by more green, leafy notes, hints of acrid wood and some herbal tea. Mildly peated. Salted nuts. Peppery notes, with a charred (lightly bitter) edge towards the end.

Finish: not too long but in line with the rest. Slightly bitter liquorice, mild peat and salty notes.

Above all I find this an intruiging whisky and a style that reminds me of whisky from the 1950s and 1960s. I believe it has only gotten better since the other batches I tried. Around € 50.

Score: 88/100