Invergordon 1988 (Nose Art)

Nose Art is a recent series from Whisky-Doris in Germany. It has, well… original labels. We’re trying a 1988 grain whisky from Invergordon, with a yearly production of 40 millions litres of alcohol one of the biggest distilleries in Scotland.



Invergordon 1988 - Nose ArtInvergordon 27 yo 1988 (47,4%, Whisky-Doris ‘Nose Art’ 2015, bourbon hogshead #8096, 141 btl.)

Nose: very creamy and coconutty, with plenty of vanilla and some very ripe yellow plums and apricots. Bananas flambéed with clotted cream. White chocolate notes and butter croissants. Hints of varnish and popcorn.

Mouth: quite an oily, rummy style, really sweet and simple. Malibu liqueur, strawberry liqueur, banana liqueur. Some golden raisins, cinnamon and orange syrup. Some oaky notes and ginger, which make this an adult drink after all.

Finish: growing oak and ginger.

This Invergordon 1988 is very smooth, very sweet and quite rummy on the palate. I’m glad it overcomes most of the issues I had with a similar bottling. Around € 120, available from Whisky-Doris.

Score: 83/100