Nikka Yoichi (2016)

Nikka Yoichi (2016)

This is the new Nikka Yoichi without age statement. After the discontinuation of virtually the entire core range in 2015, including the old Nikka Yoichi NAS, this is now pretty much the only available Yoichi. I fear we will have to deal with this situation for many years.


Nikka Yoichi Single Malt (45%, OB 2016, 70 cl.)

Nose: really nice. Less recognizable as a Japanese whisky, but good nonetheless. Very bright, juicy barley with apples and peaches. Candied orange peel. A little mint from the obvious American oak. A very light smoky touch underneath, with some nutty and leafy notes after a while.

Mouth: nice combination of gentle peat and sweet-and-sour fruits. Dry leather, peanuts and firm oak (ginger, nutmeg). Fades on orange peel and fruit tea.

Finish: not too long, but nicely fruity, leathery and minty.

I like this better than the old Yoichi NAS. If this is a benchmark for the quality of future Yoichi, then I’m convinced it will be worth the wait. On the other hand, this expression is probably quite open to batch variation and it costs around € 75-85. That’s twice the amount of the old NAS (which admittedly was 50 cl). Available from Master of Malt for instance.