Nikka Yoichi

Nikka Yoichi

In September 2015, Nikka announced to discontinue all of its Yoichi and Miyagikyo single malt ranges. Not just their aged bottlings (10, 12, 15, 20 years old) but also its NAS offerings and a lot of its blended whiskies. Stocks have simply fallen too low and it will take years before we can think of aged single malt expressions again.

The Nikka Yoichi NAS we’re having today was available in Japan for the last ten years or so and also appeared in Europe a couple of years ago. I understand it is now gone as well and replaced by a different (younger) NAS version.


Nikka Yoichi (43%, OB +/- 2015, 50cl)

Nose: a light but nicely aromatic nose, with some apple cake, floral honey and lots of vanilla custard. Hints of tinned pineapple and bananas. Hints of jawbreakers. Sweet and malty, in a nice way.

Mouth: still this sweet (bourbonny) profile, with lots of vanilla, malt and sweetened tea. It gets quite oaky, with some rough edges and a faint soapy touch. Then something vaguely peaty and vaguely metallic. Some leather.

Finish: not too long, grainy and slightly bitter.

This Nikka Yoichi NAS started with a rather promising nose, but evolved on plankish, woody notes with some soapy hints. Overall not bad, and keep in mind this was priced to compete with a Johnnie Walker in Japan. In Europe it was closer to € 35. Now only available at collector’s prices, which can be outrageous.