New: Ardbeg Dark Cove

Ardbeg Dark Cove


Well, maybe not entirely new as rumours have been spreading for a few months now, but with the label in the American TTB database, it’s hardly speculation now. Ardbeg Dark Cove will appear soon.


At the heart of this whisky are dark sherry casks. That’s not an official term so we can only assume they are heavily seasoned (PX?) casks, bringing lots of sweet coffee, chocolate and sticky toffee to Ardbeg’s smoky notes. It should be Ardbegs darkest spirit ever.

The standard bottle will be at 46,5% but we’ve also seen the label of a Committtee Edition at 55%.

Ardbeg Day is coming 28th of May, during Feis Ile 2016. I personally think this will be launched then (just like Ardbeg Perpetuum last year), but other people seem to think it could be a new addition to the core range as well.

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